Monday, April 02, 2007

The Trip: Part 1
Okay, so, I'm hoping that the worst part of this trip is over. Where to begin... hmmm... well, let's start with Friday night. We went to a cub scout pack meeting. They had a dinner and presented awards and Little Bug threw up. Great fun. He was terribly pale and so lifeless - very unlike him. So, I wanted to wait a little while on Saturday morning before we left to see if he was okay. He was fine, but I had a super mega ultra headache. Yeah. You see, while in Idaho, we were going to go to a swimming pool called Green Canyon. But I had nightmares about Little Bug drowning all night long. So, I got no sleep and what little sleep I did have, was horrible (by the way, I'm not going to take the kids swimming... :S) ANYWAY, I finally get feeling better. Hubby goes out to hook up the DVD players. He turns the car on and then forgets to turn it off. Battery is dead. Does this trip sound like fun yet? Wait... it gets better. So, we charge up the battery, get everyone loaded and head out the door. Things are going well. Then we hit traffic. There is not a town for miles... we were out in the middle of nowhere. We ended up being at a complete stop for over 45 minutes. Then it took us another 45 minutes to go about 2 miles. Half an hour later we had moved another 2 miles. So, in about 2 hours we moved 4 miles. I kept thinking there had to be construction or an accident or something. We finally got moving... nothing. No construction. No accident (which, really, is a good thing). Nothing that I could see that would completely stop traffic like that. Anyway, we finally decided to stay the night in Provo, UT. We pulled in at 11:00p.m.. The hotel only had rooms with one King bed. Now, I know that for some people, this wouldn't be a problem. But, my children break dance in their sleep. No, we needed 2 queens. Off to the next hotel. They have a room with 2 queens. YEAH!! It's 11:30 and we all climb into bed. Baby Girl is not tired. She took a nap in the car. She keeps giggling and reaching over to touch my face. She likes to put her nose next to mine and say "Mommy are you sleeping?" She keeps sticking her feet on me and then laughing. It's midnight. I'm ready to scream. She finally falls asleep, but like I said, my kids are mobile sleepers. Soon, her feet are in my face. She kicks. That one hurt. Then I hear snoring. Thought it was one of the boys. Nope. It's our neighbor. I can hear them through the wall. I move Baby Girl back to her side of the bed and try to go to sleep. She immediately puts her feet back onto my pillow and I get a few toes up the nose. I don't remember sleeping. I know that I must have gotten a minute or two, but I don't remember it. I pry the kids out of bed at 7:00 (which, to their little bodies feels like 6... California time...) and off we go. We make good time and finally, we are here. It is cold. It's windy. Pretty cold. Kinda rainy. Extremely cold. Really cloudy. And very COLD. But, we are here. We are visiting with family and loving it. I have pics, but I don't have time to share. We are heading off to play with cousins... inside. Hope y'all are well. I will check in again in a few days.
Till then Blogger Buddies - enjoy!


kailani said...

Road trip with the family . . . not my favorite thing to do. ;-)

Jamie J said...

I'm glad you finally made it! We went to Utah this weekend and I'm about to write about that. Hope you have a good week where you can rest and get back some of the sleep you missed!

Melissa said...

Kailani - yeah... I'm not sure what possessed me to do this! It wouldn't be so bad if hubby were with me... :S
Jamie - maybe we passed each other on the road. lol I was in Utah on Saturday and Sunday :)