Sunday, April 22, 2007

Totally Random Thoughts
I have several things I want to blog about tonight... bear with me here :)
The other day the kids were jumping on the bed... so I tackled them and tickled them. Little Bug loved this and so did Baby Girl, at first. But then she got very defensive... not of me tickling her... she didn't want me to tickle her brother! "YOU LEAVE HIM ALONE!!" she would scream. "STOP! IT! NOW!!!" Ah, my little defender...

Little Bug loves to have half a toy store in his bed! Last night I found 3 plastic eggs, 3 Thomas the Trains, a Fisher Price horse, a My Little Pony, a rock, a yo-yo ball, Lofty, a plastic cactus, the pig from Toy Story, and the elephant. I left with the booty and then heard him giggling mere moments later. Went back in and he had another plastic egg, the sprinkler nozzle and he was eating jelly beans. This kid is gonna be a GREAT scout someday! Very resourceful. I'm going to start a new thing each day called "Little Bug's Loot" and I'll show you all the stuff I confiscate from his bed each night.
Wanna know why you should NEVER give your 8 year old $2 and then let him go to the neighbor's yard sale without you??

Because he will come home with HALF A MILLION ARMY MEN!! What was he thinking? What was I THINKING???
But, even with all the craziness, they are still darn cute!


Anonymous said...

hi melissa: thanks for stopping by. i almost hesitated to post the primary kiddo comment because of the subject, but then i thought, nah, it was totally sweet and innocent. why not share and why not keep the journal moment? if we don't write these memories down, we will forget so much.

that was funny how baby girl was defending your boy. very loyal! that would make me proud. cute pictures of the kiddos :)

all things good to bug and family this night :)

eve said...

My daughter is our house defender as well. She won't let me debate with Daddy, even for fun. And no one would get a time out in our house if it were up to her. She always says "Mommy! Stop talking to him!"

Amber said...

Oh.My.Gosh. The invasion of the army men. How FUNNNNNY!!

Heather said...

Who knew $2 could go so far??