Monday, April 23, 2007

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Pictures of the items confiscated from Little Bug last night... we have a dinosaur, a piece of our ball run, a yellow Lego elephant, Baby Girl's dress up shoes, the bottom half of a tin box, 3 Thomas the Trains, a Littlest Pet turtle, a Littlest Pet snail, a plastic potato, an army guy spotlight, the letter A, Littlest Pet packaging paper, purple magnifying glass, small hand held game, flashlight, and, of course, the sprinkler nozzle. Sigh... join us tomorrow for another installation of "Little Bug's Loot" - cause I'm sure he'll do it all again tonight! (oh, and I made the little header thing!! How cool is that? I take joy in simple things... lol)


Anonymous said...

hi melissa: that little header you made is so neat. how did you do that? clever girl.

happy day today, cyber chick :)

Summer said...

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Tracey said...

Ha! love the loot. Looks like my middle child's bed. Toy soldiers, knights, legos... I don't know how he sleeps in all that mess!