Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Heather at 4B's in a Pod wrote about a cook book she has where the authors should have considered a pen name instead of their real names. You can read about it - here. I was thinking about this yesterday as I was in Kohl's. Now, the women's clothing is divided into sections - Juniors, Misses, Petite, Plus Size, Maternity, Women's and Old Lady. Okay, so the old lady isn't technically the name, but you know the area I'm talking about - all the pants have elastic in the waist and all the tops have big floral patterns. The tags on some of the clothing in this area caught my eye. I'm sure I could have found this brand name in some of the other areas, but it just struck me as odd in this department - Sag Harbor. Now, I'm only 30, but my body has a few saggy spots. And when I'm ready to shop in the old lady department, my body will be saggier still! The last thing I want is to get up each morning and put on clothing that reminds me of how saggy my body is. Sag Harbor. Now, I know that there is a Sag Harbor in New York City (thank you Google) and so I'm assuming that the clothes are made there or something. But, couldn't they have found a different harbor? Boston Harbor, Santa Cruz Harbor, Washington Harbor - those don't make me feel saggy at all. And to top it off, the clothes are expensive. Saggy and broke. It's a double whammy.


Tracey said...

Ooooh!! great name. I'm sure it's uplifting (joke! Get it? Not funny? Darn...) to put on Sag Harbor clothes...

Melissa said...

Yes - FUNNY!!! LOL Love it! :D

Anonymous said...

hi melissa: too funny! i will never be able to look at that brand tag again and not think of melissa and sagggy boobie comments! lol!

thanks for the laugh today.

oh yes, and thanks for stopping by this morning. i always love seeing you :)

cheers :)

ps. bet you loved your drive today.

ps. the word verification reminds me of abuse! yick! :)

Heather said...

I'm dying. SAG HARBOR, maybe they'll come out with bra's next season.

Tracey, it was a good laugh!

eve said...

I still shop in the Juniors section. I guess I want to pretend that I'm a teenager!

Anonymous said...

melissa: you could do a post asking for suggested brand names for bras and see what your cyber chicks come up with. how about ...

1) sag harbor. already taken.
2) double dee delight
3) WOW!
4) holy boobies batman! he he
5) three times a lady! he he. had to throw in that lionel richie song. he he. i am still laughing. can you hear the laughter from here?

happy night to you, melissa :)

kailani said...

Where the clothes at least decent looking? Maybe you could remove any visible tags? LOL!

An Island Life

Melissa said...

Okay - just to clarify - I wasn't shopping in the old ladies clothes... just walking past on my way to another area... I don't need elastic just yet!!

Heather - LOL - I might have to go back and see if they do have bras... that would be HYSTERICAL!!

Eve - I do a little shopping in the jrs section too... I don't wanna grow up! :)

So grateful - LOL on the bra names! You guys are too much today!

Kailani - I would wear the clothes - when I'm 80 and living in a retirement community :D

Anonymous said...

hi melissa: glad to hear you liked my silly bra names, too. i so enjoyed coming up with them.

sure, sure, you were just walking nearby. he he