Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Blog Fodder
I have a file folder on my computer called "Blog Fodder". I take random pictures that I want to blog about later and then put them in the folder for times when my brain won't work without a little visual push. My inspiration comes from anyone and anything. I just write about whatever strikes me... pretty spontaneous, and yet obsessive (there's that word again) about making sure that the posts make sense. I will edit and re-edit each one many many times. So, I was just wondering, what inspires your blog posts? Do you have a list of things that you want to try and cover? Or are you more random? And are you obsessive about editing? Or do you write and publish and be done with it?


Anonymous said...

hi melissa: i accidentally wrote too much when answering your question, got carried away, hope you can bear with me. been an emotional week.

first off, thank you for stopping by this morning. your comment ending to my wordless wednesday really made me smile. having a rough week with being sick (congestion and sore throat)and the family in my ward's child's funeral was today after work, too. just came from the funeral. my head is aching, throbbing from the congestion combined with the crying. so your kind words this morning were just the right kind of tender mercy to see right then. so thank you my friend (feel free to email me anytime -- listed in my profile).

okay, up to this point, i have so much more i want to write about, so am doing okay there. it was important to me at the very least to journal about our church burning up in march, my conversion to the Gospel 2 years ago this week (no greater peace!), and my feelings about "the ultimate gift" movie that SOOOO inspired me (that is in my post yesterday - questions from elizabeth-w interview).

i love treating this blog like a journal. actually, i kinda like to imagine this is similar to how the LDS female authors might draft some of their spiritual stories, crafting them into chapters of their books, to edit and edit later. so glad to have found this blog medium as a creative writing outlet.

okay, big time i am obsessive about edit and re-edit. don't know why, just am. when i first write a post, i hit publish asap, cause i want to make sure everything is saved and good to go. then it is later (and sometimes again and again) that i think of things i want to add/subtract/tweak. i love throwing little links and pictures in, too, if i think they are fitting and related.

but OC should be my middle name girl :)

thanks, melissa, for the extra boost to my morning this morning. you never know when something you do or say will make a good impact on someone.

blessings to you and yours this night my friend :)

ps. and word verification reminds me of "is that you?!" he he

kailani said...

I'm not sure where I get my ideas from. They're just thoughts I have throughout the day. I usually just write something from the top of my head and then edit later.

An Island Life

Heather said...

I usually write whatever pops into my head that day- once in a while I will have an idea that I will have to think about for a while.

I edit a few times, but I'm not a perfectionist!

eve said...

I usually throw up on the page. Then I go back through only once, and clean up all the chunks. Gross analogy but very true.
What inspires me? Ummm...I'm with Kalani. Any little thought that I want to expound on.