Friday, April 13, 2007

Language Skills
We are having fun with language in our house. First of all, there's Little Bug who is EXPLODING with words! For those of you who don't know, he has Autism and can't talk. But lately we are getting all kinds of fun things from him! He is saying the alphabet and the sounds that each letter makes. He has gained so many words that it excites us every time he opens that sweet little mouth. His latest word is "sun" - meaning that he wants to go outside :) Pretty clever, I think! He does this every spring. He will make huge strides in his language skills and then loose them over the summer. Luckily, he qualifies for extended school year. We are praying that the words will stick with him this time :)
Our other language fun comes from Baby Girl. Who surprises us with her extensive vocabulary, most of the time. She still gets her "she" and "he" mixed up - Red is getting pretty tired of being referred to as a girl. ;) But she still gets words scrambled a little bit. Usually with humorous results. The latest funny was this morning. She wanted to watch a movie. It's really windy here today, and I wanted a few minutes to blog, so I said okay. She told me she wanted to watch....
"Mission Turtles"

Ah... gotta love those "Mission" Turtles :D

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mcewen said...

I'm so happy for you. I really know how it feels when each of those little syllables start to flow.
Best wishes