Saturday, April 21, 2007

Lord of the Flies
I am so sick and tired of having flies in my house. They are EVERYWHERE! The fly swatter has become an extension of my arm. And I'm getting pretty good at killing them off. Yet, the more I kill, the more I find. It's like they are coming to avenge the dead. There is one buzzing my head right now... taunting me... teasing me... daring me to give it my best shot. They are going to make me totally insane... case in point: tonight, I beat the crap out of a cocoa crispy on the table because I thought it was a fly. It never stood a chance.


Anonymous said...

what are you going to do to the captain crunch crunchberry next? he he

maybe you and your house smell so good, the flies can't help themselves :)

chow melissa, happy Sabbath to you, my cyber sister friend :)

Melissa said...

so grateful - thank you for stopping by :) I needed a good smile this morning after a long night and you have given it to me.

Heather said...

When you find a solution please pass it along. I have so many scuff marks on my ceiling from my husbands make shift swatter (rolled newspaper).

mcewen said...

When I first came to this country I bought those ribbon sticky strips as being the 'solution' to the fly problem. They surely are the most loathsome invention on the planet. Kill the rice crispies I say.

Kailani said...

A long time ago, I used to rent this house that had a fly problem. It was disgusting. I would come home to find dead flies on the carpet. Once there were 20 of them!

An Island Life

Anonymous said...

hi melissa: glad to be of service. anytime for you, sweetie.

are you okay today after your long night?

today was very mixed emotionally for me (see post), but still kicking.

thanks for making me smile each time you stop by :)

ps. zowey! holy batman wings batman! the word verification made me think of this :)

Jessica said...

I too have so many flys in my house! My MIL can get them with the wand on the vaccum, I am not that skilled yet!