Monday, April 16, 2007

The Latest
First off... forgive the red eye in the pics. I don't have time today to adjust the photos... sorry. This is just an update on my kiddos... I know you're all waiting on pins and needles to know what they are up to. So, I will put your minds at ease... Little Bug is doing so awesome! Each spring he gains a lot of language skills and then they disappear over the summer. This year we are seeing more progression than we ever have. This morning he signed "Mom" and "Dad" and "baby". Not sure where the baby came from... maybe he was referring to Baby Girl... yeah. That's it. Or maybe, because I pigged out over the weekend, I look like I'm going to have another baby. The possibilities are really endless! Moments before I snapped this photo he had all of those toys in his hands. Not just the two he's holding, but the other Thomas, the plastic egg, the monkey, the lion, the ball, the block AND the towel that's around his feet. Wahoo for the opposable thumb!

Red came home the other day from school all upset. Turns out that some kid at school punched him in the nose. Sigh. So tired of dealing with bullies with this kid. Then on Saturday he went out to play with the neighborhood kids and they formed a club - which is always a BAD thing because someone always gets left out. This time, the unfortunate soul was Red. He is not part of the bratty, snotty, obnoxious kid club. Hmm... maybe it's not as bad as I thought. On a good note, he has been invited to a birthday party for one of the kids from church. And he is more than excited about it! So, that will be a fun thing to look forward to :) Oh, and in this pic, he is not wearing lipstick. It is frosting. Someone brought cupcakes to school and apparently I have failed miserably in the manners department because he was covered in green frosting. And quite pleased about it too...
Baby Girl still can't get he/she right and it is making Hubby CRAZY. Yesterday he followed her around correcting her. He said "he" so many times it started to sound like laughter... "He... he... hehe... hehehehehehehehe..." No wonder she's confused! She let me tie her hair yesterday and then got in the car, tipped her head back and wiggled. Making a LOVELY mess. She looked like a tumble weed by the time we got to church. Fortunately, I had brought an elastic for just such an occasion. So, I untied all her hair and put it in a pony tail. Sigh. I did get a picture before church though...As for me, I'm tired. It's a rainy cold day - which is rare in these parts. It makes me want to curl up in a blanket with a good book, a cup of cocoa, and just relax. Too bad it's Monday and I have laundry and general insanity cleaning to do. It's all good... right? Please... someone tell me it's all good... :)


Puerto Rican Princess said...

It's all good....

Great pics of the kids!

Melissa said...

Thanks PRP!! lol :D

Anonymous said...

hi melissa: you made me laugh when i read your "looked like i was going to have a baby" thing and also the "he he he he he."

cute frosting lips, too.

it is all good because you are able to laugh at the things and still feel sane and happy.

what is general insanity cleaning?

happy day :)
take care.

mcewen said...

Now there are some serious 'good lookin' genes swilling about your end.

eve said...

I'm feeling you on the girl messes up hair before church thing. And bullies, how heartbreaking! Don't you just want to go fight for him! oh the life of a child.

Melissa said...

so grateful - general insanity cleaning is what I do every Monday when everyone goes back to work and school and leaves all the weekend messes for me to deal with :)
mcewen - thanks!! :) I tend to think they are a rather good lookin bunch... especially when they are sleeping!
eve - one of the kids that picks on him lives next door and every time I see him I just wanna scream... but, I am an adult... sort of... so I refrain. It is hard. And as for the girl hair thing... you'd think I'd just give up. She ends up in a pony tail almost every week. I should save myself the

Anonymous said...

melissa: how using about a leaf blower? for the general insanity cleaning? he he he. :) :)

the little ones are just full of precious moments. when i was boxing tonight with my headphones cranked, i kept remembering a recent awesome sweet moment at church with one of my favorite primary kids (i am allowed to say i have a favorite). remembering this just brought joy to my exercise time. and a big time smile.

all things good to you this night :)

kailani said...


No really, it is :-)

You have such adorable children!