Sunday, January 13, 2013

Better Late than Never

I've had a couple of people ask me about Baby Girl's b-day party this last October.  So, I thought I'd throw together a quick, yet picture laden post to show what we did.  Sorry some of the photos are blurry.  I'm no expert when it comes to photography!  And yes... Baby Girl's name is blurred or edited out on the photos (I hope).  So, here we go!

These were the invites I created using photoshop:
I covered the windows with poster board and black garbage bags because when the party started it was still light outside.  The decorations were pretty simple, but made a big impact I thought.  First I bought a handheld black light and then wandered around different stores seeing what things glowed (paint, papers, pom-poms) and what didn't.  I bought three 18" long black lights from Wal-Mart for $10 a piece to place around the main party room.  

As far as decorations go, I made a poster for all of her friends to sign when they first got there. 
We cut out "Happy Birthday Baby Girl" from neon poster board and hung that on the one wall....

There was clear contact paper on the walls and then tons of neon shapes were cut using a Cricut.  When the kids came in they created collages using the shapes....


I had also found neon sticky notes at the dollar store.  400 flowers and stars for the wall for $4!  I strung some glow in the dark beads around the room, used a glow in the dark spray on the mirror, and then used some other odds and ends that I found around the house that glowed in the black light.

The kids got goodie bags with a black light/invisible ink pen (they were only $.99 when I found them), a notebook, glow sticks, and then a couple of glow in the dark items from Oriental Trading
I also found some glow in the dark and neon nail polish that I painted her fingers and toes with.  Each kid also got a picture drawn on their hands with some neon face paint crayons I had found at Wal-Mart.
We also served food that glowed, but the only thing I got a shot of was the potato chips... 

We served pizza (mozzarella cheese glows) the potato chips and then a lime drink that kind of glowed.  The hot pink frosting on the cupcakes we served also glowed.  

This is probably one of the better parties I've done.  The kids had a ball and Baby Girl was thrilled!  Who could ask for more?