Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I have had trouble finding someone who can help me with my blog design. You see, I want a great design, fun graphics and I need it for a price that hubby and I can agree on. I would find a designer I liked, show their work to Hubby and then I'd hear "That's nice... wanna spend HOW MUCH on your BLOG???" Ya have to say BLOG like it's a dirty word to get the full effect here. Anywho, I have finally found someone who does design in the new Blogger format and is very reasonably priced - Goofy Girl Designs. She's backed up till June, but I'm willing to wait. Check out her portfolio - she's done some great things! I'm half tempted to get more than one skin so that I can change it whenever I want. You know, just to keep y'all guessing! So tell me, who did the design for your blog? Did you mess around with things for yourself till you got it just right? Or did you fork over the dough so that you didn't have to mess with it? Now I can't wait for June ;)


Jamie J said...

Well I just changed mine a month or so ago. It's from I just searched for templates and then found what I wanted. I'm not willing to pay someone to design my site...I've done a few modifications but mostly kept it the way it was. I took an HTML class last year on line throught eh community college so that helped. Good luck!

Melissa said...

Jamie - I have figured out how to change the font and the colors... simple things like that. I did look at Zoots Designs. I guess I just want something that is 100% mine and this gal charges between $20-30. So, I feel like that's not bad considering most of the others I saw started around $100... if I could take a class like you have, I might have a different opinion. But right now, HTML just looks like a big mess to me! lol

Anonymous said...

hi melissa: i'm too frugal to spend any money on it. i just used the free template on the internet, found what i liked, changed a color or so, and called it good enough. you know, simple.

but i can also understand you wanting it to feel like it is all yours.

you made me smile that "BLOG" is like a dirty word. lol! ha.

God bless ya, my cyber sister :)

Justine said...

I fear I'm too old to truly understand how to write in html language. I've tried. I keep screwing it up! If someone would come to my house and change it for me, sign me up.

Maybe someday I'll take a class. Let me know how your transformation goes! You could inspire me!

kailani said...

Goofy Girl does great work and she's just really nice. She did a theme for me a while back.

The person who did my current theme is Heather from Swank.

A new theme is always so exciting!

Heather said...

I have the free one from blogger... Maybe someday I'll be brave, but it's all I can do to keep up with posts!

eve said...

I so couldn't design by myself, I'm trying to recruit help from other nearby bloggers that did it themselves. And my photographer brother-in-law. I should be closer to what I want by May. Can't wait to see your new stuff!