Saturday, April 28, 2007

Go Towards the Light
We spent the day at Big Bear Lake and had a blast! I'll post more about it tomorrow... right now, I'm tired. So, enjoy this picture - it makes me laugh every time I look at it. Do you think that we will have to pass through a metal culvert to get to heaven??


Anonymous said...

hi melissa: love the picture. it also reminds me a little of some UFO moment. glad you guys had fun :) kathleen

kailani said...

We went to Big Bear a couple of years ago to see the snow. It was my first time!

Melissa said...

Kathleen - it does look a little E.T. ish doesn't it? :)

Kailani - I've never been there in the winter - did you ski or sled??

Anonymous said...

melissa: like close encounters of the 3rd kind or maybe the x files, eh? he he. did you check out the cool story and photos on thoroughly mormon millie's blog from their get together this weekend? they looked and sounded like they had fun meeting all their bloggin buddies. that sounded like fun to me.

happy Sabbath :) i had two really neat primary moments today in church that i will post about later. i tell you, these little ones are priceless reminders of really good stuff. i am grateful today for primary kids. take care :) kathleen :)

ps. word verification reminds me of wild thing. he he

eve said...

Love the pictures! Brings back memories. I miss Cali! Looks like you all had some great family time.