Monday, March 12, 2007

I'm exhausted. I have had several nights of little to no sleep. My brain just won't shut off and the neighbor dogs won't shut up. It's a bad combo for me. Hopefully I will take a little nap today. And I hope I can find something to do before bed so that my brain is relaxed and ready to BE QUIET! lol Wish me luck!


Stacie said...

I wish you good luck! I suffer from insomnia as well, but when I do sleep the nightmares are so disturbing I get no rest. I hope you fare much better than I!

GotTheEdge said...

Hi... I'm putting together a website on addiction recovery and I'm wonder if the "see no evil" photo is yours. I'd like to use it, but I need to get permission from the owner.

My website is

My name is Brian.

Thanks for your help.

Melissa said...

Brian - the picture is not mine. I should probably quit using it... here is the url that I have for the photo. It's an image I got off of Google...,%20See%20No%20Evil,%20Speak%20No%20Evil1.jpg
There are some on the of monkey statues. Sorry, not much help.

Amber said...

That is the worst and at least I have an excuse (my kids). I HATE laying in bed just replaying everything over and over...