Monday, March 26, 2007

I was so excited this morning. Baby Girl came and cuddled up with me around 6:30 this morning and slept by my side. It was so fun to curl up with her. She is not a cuddly little thing, so I was loving this time to just hold her. Then she started to say she was cold. So, I pulled a little more blanket over her, and held her a little closer. A little later she started to cry and told me she wanted cereal. So, I took her to the table and sat her down, got out the cereal of choice, turned around and she was asleep, sitting up, in her chair. She woke up to tell me that she was cold again. I gave her a little juice and then trotted her back to bed. I think she's sick. Sigh. She was so pale and miserable :S seems like we've been sick a lot lately. Hopefully she just needed a little more sleep and she'll feel better in awhile.
On a lighter note, Red had quite the day at church yesterday. He got the hiccups right in the middle of our main meeting. I tried to help him get rid of them, but the results were less than desirable. He got the giggles. Then Little Bug, who is always up for a good laugh, started in. Then Baby Girl, who was sitting on my lap, leaned forward to see what was so funny and passed a little gas... that made a big noise. Well, about that time hubby and I started in. Everyone had the giggles. It should have made me feel horrible, but really, it was funny. I know, I'm terrible to think it was fun to get the giggles in church. It's a good thing we were on the back row... a very good thing!


Justine said...

We had a case of giggles break out last night during our family prayers.

It's all good, honey. It's all good.

Amber said...

Baby Girl is the same as mine--only cuddly when sick. But I relish those moments nonetheless.

Here's to feeling better...but lots of snuggles in the interim!

kailani said...

Hope Baby Girl is feeling better soon. Something must be going around. My daughter is sick, too. :-(

eve said...

Awwww! Adorable picture.
I was telling my brother who has no children, that I'm slightly evil because I actually enjoy it when they're a little sick. Not the kind where they're puking, but slight fever, runny nose, VERY MELLOW kind of sick is a day off for me. Is that terrible?

Melissa said...

Justine - I'm glad we aren't the only ones! We have had the prayer giggles before too!!

Amber - I love the cuddles too. They are few and far between, so I have to enjoy them when I can - she does seem to be feeling better... meaning no more snuggles!

Kailani - I'm sorry your daughter is sick too! Does she get snuggly?? Hope she's well soon!

Eve - naw... that's not terrible! It's nice to have the kids take it down a notch every now and again. Now, if you were making them sick on purpose, that would be terrible! lol

Anonymous said...

Hey, I've had the giggles in church before too...and I don't even have any kids to blame it on, lol.