Tuesday, March 20, 2007

March Madness
Every year my cousin has an online basketball contest for the NCAA Championships. Everyone picks their teams all the way down to the final two before the first game is played. When one of the teams you picked wins, you get a point. When a team looses, no points. Pretty simple. Unless you are a moron, like myself. I look at those teams and think, "I have no idea who is good, bad or ugly". You see, I'm not a sporty person. I don't participate in team sports because I am uncoordinated and run like a duck. No, really, it's true. My toes point out just a tad. So, any sport that needs me to run hard is a bad thing because my heels catch on each other. Which usually results in a face plant. Sad really. ANYWAY, I don't watch a lot of sports either. Every once in awhile I'll watch a little football with hubby. That's about it for me and team sports. But, I do enjoy making my picks each year. This year was more random than usual because there were several teams that I had never heard of. Ever. So, I went with the teams that I kind of knew. And if, by some odd chance, there were two teams playing against each other that I did know, I used a very scientific calculation to make my pick. It went something like this... "Eenie, meanie, miney, moe, catch a mascot by the toe...." And it appears to be working for me! I have 40 points and the leader has 50. I don't think I can catch him, but you never know - this is March Madness after all!


Anonymous said...

One of my good friends participated in a March Madness tournament at work a few years ago. She knew nothing about the teams and chose her picks about the same way you did. Well she ended up WINNING the tournament. Yes, WINNING. All the guys were mad and she won a bunch of money. True story...so ya never know!

Melissa said...

So there is hope! :)