Friday, March 16, 2007

First off, I've decided to change my photo journal blog to a fitness blog. You guys don't want to hear me whine about how much pain I'm in each day. But, if you do relish hearing about other peoples agony, you can check out the blog here. I know that the web address says or something like that. Just ignore that. I'm sure I could change it, but I'm lazy! Also, I think I've found someone that can hopefully do the changes to this blog. I've decided to keep the name as it is. I was going to change it, but I just can't come up with something really good. Unless some of you have a great idea for me!
And now I'll leave you with one last thought. I think Baby Girl is plotting against me. She has scared the crud out of me twice today. First, this morning, she tip toed into my bedroom while I was still asleep. Then she just sat there with her face up next to mine. Those big eyes just staring at me. So, when I peeked my eyes open, there were those eyes. And then I screamed and jumped a mile out of bed. What did she do, you may ask? She laughed. A lot. Later, I was coming out of the bathroom and she was hiding behind the door. Scared me again. More squeals of delight. She's trying to make me a nervous wreck. I'm just sure of it! I'd better go study my evasive maneuvers before she has time to plot another attack!

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Design Mom said...

Blog changes are exciting! How fun.