Monday, March 19, 2007

A Love/Hate Thing
Ah, Monday. I have a plethora of feelings for this day. On one hand, I hate it. You see, over the weekend I'm usually spending time with dh and the kids. On Saturday we watched a movie, went shopping, picked minneolas, made juice from the minneolas, and then after the kids were in bed, dh and I watched "Superman Returns". I try really hard to rest on Sunday. I don't make huge meals, no major cleaning, no laundry and so on. So, Mondays are always a mess. The house is dirty. Laundry is piled up. Everything is in a general state of chaos. Which means a bit of work for me. Hubby is pretty good about keeping up with the dishes and helping to keep toys and such picked up, but there is still a lot to catch up on because, let's face it, I like to be lazy on the weekend.
On the other hand, I love Mondays. The boys go back to school and I get to put the house back in order. I'm not a super clean kind of person, but it's nice to only have one kiddo following me around undoing everything I'm trying to get done. And she's still small. So, I can usually keep her occupied with puzzles or play doh or something of that nature. And it always feels good to look around and see a clean house. Mondays are also the day when I try to call friends and catch up on their lives. It doesn't always happen, but I try.
My opinion for this particular Monday isn't a great one. My head hurts. I've taken some Advil, but I think this may be a sinus thing... so the Advil has only helped just a tiny bit. Today will probably be a hateful Monday because I don't think I'll get much done. Maybe it will feel better a little later on. I can always hope!


kailani said...

For me it's a vicious cycle. I hate to see a messy house yet too much cleaning gives me a headache. What you gonna do?

Hope you're feeling better soon.

kate5kiwis said...

i hate to wake up on monday morning with a massive mount everest to climb. so often i'll get the messer-uppers to whip the house into shape late sunday afternoon.
i'm often bleating:
"i am *not* the maid...."

Amber said...

My Mondays are a mess, too. Sadly, the only person I can ship out of the house is Hunky Hubby, the one person who could actually help me clean it!