Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I Won??
I don't usually enter contests... because I rarely win. There were two exceptions to this... we won a John Deere pedal tractor at a county fair one time! That was very fun. Dh didn't want to enter, but I begged... I just felt good about it :) I also won some Panda Express (Chinese food) gift cards and LegoLand tickets from a local radio station after we moved down here. And... that's about it. UNTIL TODAY!!! Linda, over at Ribbon Rock Star, had a drawing for the Ultimate Blog Party. It was for a DANG cute bag... and I won!! I was going to steal the pic and post it on here, but that's naughty. So, I won't. Go to her site and check out this post to see the bag. I am so excited! Thanks so much Linda! Maybe I should have given away prizes too? Not that I have anything anyone would want... but ya never know... perhaps I should put up that extra sock we got from WalMart... hmmm... I'll have to give that some serious consideration!

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Jamie J said...

Yay! That's a pretty cool bag! Congrats!