Friday, August 24, 2007

True Love
Today was a long day. Red and his friend went to sleep around 11 last night. I'm not sure what time they woke up. I thought it was 4:30, but come to find out, hubby went out at 4 where they were playing "Rock dude, paper dude, scissor dude". I shushed them from the comforts of my bed at one point. But then came the "DUDE!!" that was WAY TOO LOUD. Got up, told them if they didn't knock it off I was gonna... do something bad. Cut me some slack, I could barely stand up! Anyway, they giggled and played around for awhile more, then, about the time Baby Girl got up they drifted back to sleep. When they got up they played more Nintendo till I couldn't take it for another minute. So, I called to them, trying to keep the strain of my mental breakdown out of my voice "Red, time for little friend to go home." Then I walked off to do laundry and such. They ignored me. COMPLETELY. So, I tried again "Red, time for DUDE to go home right now. Help him gather his things." Again... ignored. "PLEASE GET YOUR THINGS. IT'S TIME TO GO NOW!!!" I know as I walked away this kid was probably saying "Dude, your mom is WHACK!" Sigh... the rest of the day was pretty cruddy - as it usually is when everyone in the house had O.D.'ed on "dudes" and not had enough sleep. So, it's 7:30, all my kids are in bed and I think one of them is asleep (Baby Girl). And Hubby? He's at Wal Mart. Buying me Hostess Chocolate Cupcakes and Little Debbie Star Crunch Cosmic Snacks. I didn't even have to beg. He just loves me that much!


Kimberly said...

Sounds like you deserve 'em! Ouch!

I would've cracked way sooner than you did. Seriously, dude.

Jean Knee said...

now that's true love

Anonymous said...

awh melissa, so nice what your hubby did for you. glad for you that you have him. sorry you had some rough moments there. hope things are good for you today.

take care friend, kathleen

ps. still hanging in there. thanks for the nice note today. you keep being so good to me. i am grateful for you.