Thursday, August 23, 2007

We decided to let Red have a friend spend the night. They are sitting in my living room playing a Nintendo game and the conversation is going something like this...
"Dude, how do you kick that guy?"
"Push A and pull the trigger, dude."
"Oh, thanks dude"
"Dude - you've gotta cover me"
"But dude, this guy is kickin my butt"
"Dude I'm gonna die!"
"Dude, if you push A and B and pull the trigger you'll do the super mega killer kick."
"Seriously dude?"
"Dude - yeah. Try it!"
"Ooooh dude! That is SO. COOOOOOL!"
"Dude, I know."
"Dude, I'm gonna fall off!"
"No way dude!"
"Dude I can't hold on!"
"Oh dude... end of game. You wanna do it again dude?"
My brain feels like it's shriveling up into a tiny version of its former self. Help!
They are now brushing their teeth...
"Dude, my teeth are like gross"
"Dude, let me see... oh dude! They are gross!"
"What kind of toothpaste is that dude?"
"Dude - it's the best!"
"Dude, I heard that that kind of toothpaste will kill you."
"Dude... NO WAY!"

"Totally dude."
"Dude, are you sure?"

"Dude - there is no way I'm using that stuff."
"Okay dude. But dude, then your teeth will still be like really gross."
"It's okay dude. When I go home, then I can use stuff that won't kill me. You know dude?"

"Whatever dude...."
Yeah... that's what I'm saying... whatever dude....


Tracey said...

LOL. My oldest and his friend are the same way. A lot of Dudes, SWEET, and Snap!

mcewen said...

Lummy! All that reciprocal - way to go dudes.

Heather said...

PLEASE- my husband and his cousin are the worst DUDEers when they get together! Obviously, they never outgrew the phase.

Kimberly said...

Due, I am so bustin' a gut over here!

Nic said... should really get an audio recording so some day you can prove to him you aren't exaggerating when you tell this story. :)

elasticwaistbandlady said...

So, your boy and his friend are bi-lingual and fluent in California speak? Righteous Dude!

Jean Knee said...

I have a girl, the only thing she repeats unendingly is "I'm bored"
re-read the post inserting "I'm bored" and its her all right

diana said...

what cracks me up is that girls can be considered a DUDE, too. and i'm with you, too many DUDEs and my brain starts to fry.