Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Reminder
Some of you had almost convinced me that I should miss my kids when they go back to school. I was starting to get a little reminiscent about a few things. Perhaps even a little teary eyed... then I went shopping. With all three. By myself. Now, this may be a small accomplishment for some. But, for my little brood, getting out of the store without any major catastrophes is HUGE. Today was a series of unfortunate events. I'm not sure how many times I lost Little Bug today. In all honesty, he never goes too far... but the fact that he takes off at a dead run and won't stop till he's good and done, scares the crap outta me. Those few seconds are torture. And to repeat that over and over is maddening. He also likes to stand in front of the cart and try to push it the other way. While we were in Costco, I got tired of pushing against him. I picked him up and put him in the basket. He screamed. Not quiet crying or fussing. High pitched wailing. Literally hurts your ears. I smiled as people stared.

At Kohl's they have a display of stuffed dinosaurs by the checkout counters. All three kids were "looking" while I paid for our stuff. I looked away for 2 seconds... I swear it was only 2 and they had every last dinosaur off the shelves. They were using them as missiles. Lobbing them at each other and Red was yelling things like "I GOT YOU!! YOU ARE DEAD!".

And then there were a few events that weren't the kids fault, but if I hadn't been pulling them off of things and getting after them, I may have been able to prevent them. For example: the IDIOT at Costco put my Bounce extra scented dryer sheets next to my bread. Did you know that bread will ABSORB the smell of dryer sheets? Also, he shoved the bread into a box that was a little too small... so it's smashed. If Baby Girl hadn't been bawling her eyes out I might have noticed this. She was still crying when we got to the car (why was she crying? NO IDEA) and so I sat the eggs on top of the cereal box. I meant to move it to a more secure location before we left, but I was trying to calm Baby Girl down and get the boys to get in their seats. I was done. I closed the van without moving the eggs. And so, on the first turn out of the parking lot I hear a sickening crack as the carton slid off the cereal box and several of the eggs broke.

Summer is over. School needs to START. RIGHT. NOW!!


Kimberly said...

I'm laughing my face off here, because that's exactly how I anticipate feeling some day. Good for you for admitting it!

mom2princess said...

LOL! Sounds like my trips to the store!

Heather said...

What a fun day! Hope you eat some chocolate tonight!!

Jean Knee said...

makes ya wonder why you ever venture outside your house huh?
I guess you do need to eat and all
plus it makes a blog post everyone can relate to

Melissa said...

kimberly - so glad I amuse you. And I admit to all the craziness for two reasons: one - I hope others can relate. two- if they can't relate, I hope they leave feeling a lot better about themselves ;)

mom2princess - so glad I'm not the only one who struggles with these crazy trips...

heather - chocolate and microwave popcorn. To top this day off, I've been invaded by the "dudes" (see my newest post)

jean knee - I try REALLY HARD to not go places with all three kids. But sometimes, ya just have to! And yeah, I'm good with others laughing at my expense... ;)