Monday, August 13, 2007

Does Shamu Rock?
Why yes - yes he does! We got to go to the night show at Sea World over the weekend where they played loud music and had whales jump and spin and do cool stuff. Everyone liked it, except Little Bug. He enjoyed the jumping and spinning, but the loud was not enjoyed. Notice the look of complete agony while the others giggle and play. He refused to join in the fun. Yeah. It was a little much for him. I wish I had more pictures of the actual show, but they just didn't turn out well...

Hubby's birthday ended well yesterday - except for the fact that I cooked the steaks too long...grr... oh well. Baby Girl had a hard time saying the name of one of the gifts... it's a boogie board or a body board. She calls it a "biggie board" or "boggy board" or "skate board". Yeah. No idea where the last one came from. She is physically incapable of saying "boogie". Which delights my dear sweet Hubby who keeps asking her "What did I get for my birthday??" just so he can hear her many renditions of the word.

Would you like to see what I got Hubby for his birthday?

I saw this pillowcase at Target and just couldn't resist! It doesn't match anything we have, but who cares? It makes me laugh!


Kimberly said...

I don't know what I enjoyed more, the expressions on the faces in that picture, or the pillowcase!

Jessica said...

I love the pillowcase! It's our anniversary tomorrow, I think I am going to have to run to target and see if I can find one!

Looks like so much fun, my kids want to visit seaworld SO BAD!

elasticwaistbandlady said...

I'd be a little embarrassed to show people that my Baby Daddy has his own Sugar Daddy.

You're a brave woman, Melissa!

Melissa said...

kimberly - it made me laugh! I just had to get it :)

jessica - they had an end cap set up with "college" bedding. You know, really cheap stuff? :) It was with those.

elastic - well, I know no shame. :)

Anonymous said...

pillowcase = awesome choice

sorry little bug has such a hard time a lot. wish i could make it easier for you/him.

kailani said...

They've been advertising that Shamu show on tv lately. Looks like you guys had a blast!