Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Random Conversations with Baby Girl
Baby Girl: Will you get my toys out?
Me: Just a minute

Baby Girl: But I want the horses and pigs. Please Mom?
I cringe - the farm box has lots and lots of little animals... I offer an alternative.
Me: How about getting out the Weebles?
Baby Girl: Evils??

Me: No babe. The Weebles.

Baby Girl: Weevils???
Me: Sigh.
Baby Girl: Can I have the horses and pigs now?

Later in the day...

Baby Girl: Daddy and I are going to go feed the ducks. You ... stay... right... there... (as she slowly backs out of the room)

Just a few minutes ago...

Me: We get to go to the beach tonight and play in the ocean! Won't that be fun?

Baby Girl: AWWW!! I want to feed the ducks! I don't want to go to the ocean!

Just now...

Baby Girl: We are going to the ocean? Do they have ducks there?

Me: I don't think so babe

Baby Girl: But there are ducks in the desert and they want to share my muffin (speaking of the muffin she requested for lunch) I can't eat my muffin or there won't be any left for the ducks.

Me: Go eat your muffin.

Baby Girl: Alright, but there won't be any left for the ducks...

Whose child is this???


Jamie J said...

I love little kid conversations. We are just starting that with Rachel. It's been hilarious!

Tracey said...

:) Cute. You'll be so glad you recorded that when she's all grown up!

Jessica said...

So cute! I have been missing your blog! Glad to be back!

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Sounds like she's another brainwashing victim of that dastardly Howard The Duck! As if watching that movie wasn't torturous enough......

Amber said...

HEHEHEHEHE. I think she is mine. :-)