Thursday, June 21, 2007

More Decor
Okay - I have this fabric in my collection that might work in here... I would make another panel and just take the center pink one out?? Would that work? And Tammy asked for a few more pictures of Baby Girl's room. It's small... so I can't get a lot in each pic... I had to lay on the bed to get the window in... and there is another window in here that I will probably replicate the exact same look on... once I decide what that look will be.
This first picture is of her bed, then a chair that I got at a yard sale. I'm going to repaint it in white and it will go with the little table (that I'm also going to paint). The next picture is all the odds and ends I'm wanting to find spots for and the last picture is some hooks in her room. Lots of pink, purple and green in the room. The colors look lighter on her quilt on her bed, but they are really bright and vibrant. So, thoughts now? Any more ideas??

So, tell me... is it a lost cause? Have I tried to pull too many things into the room and now it's just a crazy mess? What do you think?


Mandy & Ken Abbott said...

If it were me (and this is just my opinion!) I would just do pink and purple. Pink on the outside and purple in the middle. Keep the curtains simple. The bedspread is so adorable... you don't want to distract from that. Then for extra pizzaz... use that cute stuff you have to spice the place up. You could take that purple beaded rope and glue it to the bottom of the pink curtains or drape around the rod on the top. Have fun! Decorating is in my top 3 favorite things to do!

Anonymous said...

changed my mind - now my vote is pink, green, multi colored fabric, green, pink :o)

Heather said...

OK- You'll probably hate this, but I'm a big fan of curtains blending and not being the focal point.

There isn't much green so I'd vote for either the pink or purple. I personally would do almost a pastel sheer for the room just to make it a little lighter and girlier- but what do I know??

Anonymous said...

hi melissa: go with what makes you and baby girl smile the most.
~{{hugs}}kathleen :)

SeaBird said...

Oooh - did you make that quilt on tehbed? It is so cute!