Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cranker Sore
Do you ever get sores in your mouth? Every time I bite my lip I get a cold sore or a canker sore. And sometimes, they just appear of their own free will. But, we don't call them cold or canker sores. We call them "cranker sores" because whenever someone has one it turns them into a cranky beast. And who can blame them? They sting almost constantly. They make talking and eating almost impossible. They take forever to go away. And, if you are part of this family, cranker sores show up ALL THE TIME. And usually they manifest themselves as twins or triplets. At Thanksgiving time I had at least 7 sores in my mouth. Cranker doesn't even begin to cover it. Right now I have two on my bottom lip. They have gotten so big that it looks like one big sore. And it feels like someone it jabbing a hot poker into my lip. Am I in the best mood at this moment? I would have to say, "No." The Cranker strikes again.

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Jessica said...

My hubby gets these ALL the time. Kank-Aid clears them right up, have you tried this? My SIL has a perscription for them, the Kank-aid doesn't work for her, so her Doctor perscribed something for her that she can't live with out, they call them cranky sores in their house! :)