Sunday, June 10, 2007

Lightening Never Strikes the Same Place Twice (we hope)

You poor unfortunate souls... I was digging through a bunch of old photos and found a TON that I think will be fun to share over the next little while. So, you get to suffer whilst I reminisce.

Our little family used to live in a tiny little town in Idaho called Murtaugh. I would tell you how to pronounce the name, but I don't think you really care ;) ANYWAY, we had previously lived 10 hours away from family and now we were only 2. So, we went home quite often to visit and let the kids get spoiled rotten by grandparents. One day when we came back we found this....

There was a tree in the back of our truck, a nice round hole in the ground where the tree had been, and the back window on the truck was shattered. We were a tad flabbergasted at the sight. We called the people we were renting from and asked them if they had any idea what could have happened. They told us that a storm had come through with TONS of lightening. We started looking at the end of the tree and sure enough, it was a tad charred. Some of the other trees round about had big branches torn off of them too. But to have the tree blown out of the ground and land in the back of the truck? It was just crazy!

So, there you have it. Story number one from my endless supply of photos. Be prepared. I will continue with this for as long as my heart desires. After all, it is my blog ;)


mcewen said...

Hmm. Maybe there are hidden benefits to having more than one vehicle afterall!
Mind you, that's not to imply that you generally spend a lot of time sitting outside your house in your truck in the middle of a storm.

kailani said...

I guess that made it a little easier to haul it away. LOL!

An Island Life

Anonymous said...

"it's my blog and i'll cry if i want to!"

it is your blog and you get to do whatever your heart desires with your blog, dear!

hi melissa. cool picture and experience! not many could top that one i bet. i am guessing that it is pronounced ... mur-taw. am i close? did i nail it?

may your vehicle and home be tree-free tonight. peace, kathleen :)

ps. my teens go away to girls camp all week tomorrow morning!

Anonymous said...

oh, that was funny what kailani said about how it made it easier to haul the tree away! perfect! kathleen :)

Heather said...