Friday, June 15, 2007

Another "What was I thinking" Moment
AACK! Do you remember how I said I wanted to get gift cards for my kid's teachers, but was afraid it would be too spendy? Well I could have done it! For the last couple of years I have been involved in a thing called MyPoints. They send me emails for different retailers and if I visit the site in the email, I get 5 points. I don't have to buy anything, don't even have to spend a lot of time on the site. Just visit and the points are mine. I can also buy things from a list of retailers and get points. And guess what you redeem those points for? GIFT CARDS! They have gift cards for all kinds of places! I wanted to do cards from Barnes and Noble and guess what... they have them. It wouldn't have cost me a thing! Sigh... well, maybe I'll redeem my points for Hubby's birthday or for Christmas. I've got almost 10,000 points... so I should be able to get some pretty decent gift cards. That's almost $75 at Barnes and Noble. If you're interested in signing up, let me know! Email me and I'll send you the info. I think my email address is in my profile... It's an easy way to earn gift cards for yourself or friends and family. And, if you use me as a reference when you sign up, I get points too! It's win/win I tell ya! ;)
Oh, and thank y'all for your fashion advice on the skirt... looks SO much better now! I'm done bloggin till Tuesday - then I'll be back with lots and lots of pictures... aren't you excited? Enjoy your weekend!


Anonymous said...

hi melissa: i'll miss ya while you're gone. see you on monday. take care, hope you guys have a fun and safe trip. ~blessings, kathleen :)

kailani said...

That sounds like a great deal! Send over the link when you get a chance and I'll sign up under you. Hope you're having a great time!