Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Quick Recap & Pics
I'm not gonna talk too much about the trip... mostly pictures in this post. And since it's my blog, you'll just have to put up with it :) We got to St. George and I went to the wedding in the LDS Temple (the tall white building against the red rock...)

Went to the reception and had lovely food

My friend was BEAUTIFUL!! So glad we made it!They had the reception at this amazing house - Baby Girl decided to take a dip in the pool... Hubby grabbed her before she made too much of a scene.

Because of child induced craziness, we left before the dessert... so we stopped at Arctic Circle for ice cream.

Played at the park the next morning for awhile and then dropped Red off with friends. He's now in Idaho with family for the next month!!

Then we went to Zion's. Beautiful. Fun hikes. Lots of water for the kids to throw rocks in. Great scenery. Long tiring days!

We did have a few troubles with a pinched nerve in the neck (Hubby - you know, I could make a lot of "pain in the neck" jokes here, but he was hurting to bad it just wasn't funny) a tick bite (me) and all around crankiness from lack of sleep (everyone). But the ride home was uneventful and pretty calm. We just played around and listened to "Charlie and the Glass Elevator". Baby Girl started to recognize a few things as we got closer to home and she said, "Oh! We're almost ready to find my bed and my pillow!" Yeah. We were all pretty tired!

We're glad to be home. We have family coming next week and possibly a day on the beach with them. Should be a lot of fun!


SeaBird said...

Sounds like you guys had quite a trip!! Your package is in the mail - let me know when you get it as a few things need some explaining :)

kailani said...

That temple sure stands out! It's beautiful.

After that road trip, I'm so glad you had a great time!

Mandy & Ken Abbott said...

Hey Melissa! We finally entered the blogging world too! I mean I actually took the time, sat down and created our very own! Your family is absolutely adorable... and baby girl is GEORGEOUS! I'm not gonna lie, i think she looks just like you! Looks like you had a great trip. But you should have let her jump all way into the pool!

Lee said...

I keep meaning to read more.. comment more. So HI!
Looks like a fun trip. I have never been to St George.. looks gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

hi melissa: awesome pictures. what fun. are you okay from the tick bite? hope so.

way cool that you got to see your old friend.

~thanks for stopping by today. i love seeing you, my friend :) kathleen

elasticwaistbandlady said...

A picture is worth a thousand words.........which is good, because even as entertaining as I think I am, don't nobody want to read that long a blog post!

Great pictures! Looks like you guys had a great time! It's great that you're back home safe and sound! It's great to see you blogging again! Great! <----- Okay, just one more random great. GREAT!

Melissa said...

Seabird - I'll be watching! :D Did you get your package yet?

Kailani - the LDS temples are all amazingly beautiful. There is one in Hawaii, but I'm not sure which island... I'll have to look...

Mandy - HEY! I'm glad you've joined the bloggy world! I'm gonna have to check out your blog! As for Baby Girl jumping in... I should have. It would have been the only time she would have swam in a pool at a home worth $1.9 million

Lee - Good to see you!! :) If you ever get to Southern Utah you have to stay in St. George... just don't go in the summer. It was 106 while we were there :S

Kathleen - Tick bite is fine. Thanks so much for asking. It was just a little baby thing... but it freaked me out. I do not do well with ticks :(

EWBL - That's GREAT that you stopped by! Great really. How long do you think we could keep this great thing going? There's no way I would have written a post that long. I'm with you... I wouldn't have read it. I'm a skimmer when I read anyway unless it's GOOD!

Heather said...

Isn't it nice to be back??

Anonymous said...

hi melissa: well, who does WELL with ticks? eh? :) glad you weren't sucked dry. oh, that sounds silly to tell that to someone.

cool, glad you rec'd my good mail alright and that you enjoyed your little surprises.

~just wanted to send you some more smiles, kathleen :)