Sunday, February 11, 2007

Melissa Needs....
I stumbled across a fun little internet game - wanna play? Go to Google and type in your name and "needs"... then come back and list a few things that popped up... here are my 10 favorite!
Melissa needs...
1 - ... a nap! (that would be nice)
2 - ... to get over it (hey- I'm working on it!)
3 - ... to increase her votes from 25% to 50%+1 (you heard it here - vote for me!)
4 - ... your help to understand tar (umm... yeah...)
5 - ...some serious help bowling (alas, this one is really true)
6 - board the blob ship that is hovering overhead (beam me up Scottie)
7 - do something to the house (any suggestions?)
8 - ...the adulation and she cannot take anything negative said about her (bring on the praise)
9 - stand up for herself more often (I'll stand up for myself, after my nap)
10 - ... your blog posts by midnight tonight (what are you waiting for? Our operators are standing by)
It was fun... anyone else want to try??


Rachelle said...

I love that! I've done it before and it's so much fun. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

eve said...

I wanna play! I wanna play!I'm going to play on my blog...

Anonymous said...

hi melissa: i especially liked #2 and #10. what fun. thanks for sharing :) kathleen