Thursday, February 22, 2007

Ah... today you get to hear about my kids! Lucky you! My kids are awesome. And they do some pretty incredible things. Let's start with oldest to youngest, shall we?
This is Red at the animal park. Are you loving the tie dye? I think it rocks! He did it himself. It was something they did at school to prepare for a field trip. They all did shirts in the same color so that the teachers could keep track of them. Pretty smart, I think. They went to our county fair and Red had a ball! They got to watch all kinds of animals race - pigs, ostriches , camels, and they even got to participate in a tortoise race. I guess the kids got to sit on these big tortoises while they moved around. For my animal crazy boy, this was heaven! He's growing up so fast. There are so many things that he says that blow my mind. And he's so good to his brother and sister - for the most part :)
Little Bug is doing so AWESOME! He is saying more animal names and the other day he came to me and said, "Come on - let's see" - so exciting! He wanted more cereal and you'd better believe that I filled that thing as full as I could! Love hearing his voice. Also, we found out that he will probably be able to go to extended school year. Which means an extra 4 weeks of school. For most people, that would probably be a huge pain. But Little Bug goes through a cycle each year. In the fall his language is nonexistent. He doesn't say anything. Just little odd noises here and there. By winter he's starting to make a few sounds that are really close to words, but not quite. In the spring he explodes. He starts saying all kinds of things. And then in the summer he looses it all. Mostly because I can't interact with him one on one for 5 hours each day. My two other kids just won't allow it. So, summer school will be great! Instead of having 12 weeks off he will only have 8. Hopefully that will make a difference. And, we are hoping to get involved with some other programs that will help over the summer :D
Yes, I know this picture is fuzzy, but it's a cute one anyway :) Baby Girl won't stop talking. She is always talking. Yesterday I told her that I loved her and she said "Yeah, I love Dad". Thanks. Nothing like an ego boost from the 3 year old. Later on I told her she was a "cutie bug". She said, "No, you're the cootie bug - it's like a lady bug". There you have it. You heard it here first. I am a cootie bug. This morning she got up and I said "hi baby girl" and she looked at me and said , "You remember me?" Umm... yeah. I know that 10 hours is a long time, but I still remember you :)
So, even though they make me crazy and sometimes I just want to lock myself in my bedroom and never come out, overall, this mama cootie bug loves being home with her kids.


Shirlee said...

Morning Melissa! You're fortunate that Bug is able to attend school. Is his program in public school? I had to pull Cass out years ago because there were no aides or programs for him. It was a nightmare, they were going to plunk him into a regular class. Then when we tried again a year ago, we were told he's too high functioning for this class, too low functioning for that. Sheesh.

That's a great idea having the kids wear the same shirt for field trips. Someone was thinking there!

Melissa said...

Shirlee - his program is in public school. We are very lucky in that respect. When we were in Oregon, they had Bug in a regular ed kindergarten class. It was horrible. They did have an aide for him, but he was so disconnected with the other kids.. it was not a fun time. He is in a class that is specifically for kids with autism now and is doing great! I admire you for homeschooling. Although, if my options were limited, I would do the same.

Amber said...

Your little cutie bug reminds me of mine: blonde hair, beautiful brown eyes. Oh, and quick wit (that they get from their mamas, of course. :-)