Thursday, February 01, 2007

Can You Hear Me Now?

I used to think that selective hearing loss only affected my boys. I was so WRONG! This picture was taken right after I said, "Stand still and give me a big smile!" She got the last part right... but as soon as I said, "Stand still" it was like she lost control of her legs. She jumped and spun in circles and couldn't hold still for 2 seconds. You see, we got a couple of new dresses at Costco tonight and I wanted pics to send to my mom. Most of them are a blur. Maybe I should have set my camera to the "action shot" setting. Or "sports" setting or whatever it is.

On another fun note... Dh brought me lunch from Carls Jr. today. I had been wanting a chocolate malt and he got me one! :) When Red got home from school he saw the leftover fries and such and asked about it. I told him that Dad had brought lunch home. Then Red looks at me and says, "Mom, have you ever eaten at Carls? I know you've eaten at Carls Jr, but what about Carls?" I love that boy!


Shirlee said...

Gotta love how honest and straight forward a kid's thought process is.
Your little blonde bundle of energy has quite an independent streak.

Melissa said...

lol - It's a good/bad thing for me. I want my kids to grow and learn and use their heads... on the other hand, it's a sign of them growing up and that makes me sad!
As for blondie - she has enough energy to wear anyone out and she as independant as they come... haven't decided if those are good qualities or