Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Another Weight Loss Plan
Some of you may remember the Makeup Weight Loss Plan that I blogged about awhile ago. I have another way to lose weight, but I'm not recommending it. Get sick. That's right. Horribly terribly sick. Don't eat anything for 2 days. Just drink a some water and TADAH! I've lost 4 lbs this way. Wahoo! Now, if I did this when I wasn't sick then I'd have an eating disorder. And I like food way too much to do that. And I just can't make myself puke. I tried one time. I had horrible morning sickness and I thought if I could just throw up, then I'd feel better. Didn't work. I don't know how those stick girls do it. And then again, I don't want to know. So, while the weight loss has been the only benefit of being sick, I'd rather be healthy and back to eating my peeps. Amazingly enough, they don't even sound good to me right now! Scary, eh? Maybe tomorrow....

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