Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Makeup Weight Loss Program
We have an electronic scale in our master bath. Last night I weighed myself. Sigh. I was not pleased with the number that came up. I haven't seen that number since I was 4 months pregnant with my last child (please keep in mind that I gain about 50 lbs with each pregnancy, and I usually start gaining weight in the first month). Now, before anyone starts thinking "oh, well, maybe she's pregnant" - I'm not. Anyway, I was feeling rather blue as I took off my makeup and brushed my teeth. I decided to get on the scale again. Just to make sure that my eyes weren't playing some cruel trick on me. I jumped back on and.... WAH LAH! I had lost one pound! Evidently, I wear too much make up and need to brush my teeth more often! :D Actually, the scale seems to be little wacky. I got off, waited for it to reset, got back on and I'd gained that pound back. Got off, then back on again, I'd lost two pounds. I decided to stop there and go to bed on a semi-pleasant note. Maybe I need to get a hair cut and loose another pound... what other things could I do, without actually exerting any effort, to loose weight? If you think of anything - let me know - I'm game!

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