Friday, July 27, 2007

Kid Moments
Little Bug - last night he had a horrible time getting to sleep. Up, wandering around, impatient, upset, getting into everything and anything he could. I laid down by him and he pulled my arm across his chest and positioned my hand on the back of his head. He was craving deep pressure. I let my arm rest heavily on him and my hand push into his head. He slowly calmed. His breathing evened out. I watched his big dark eyes with those amazing long lashes flutter as he fought sleep. He yawned... and... wait a second? What was that smell? He yawned again... his breath smelled sweet yet tangy... it smelled a lot like my Mango Altoids. Sigh. Not sure why we bothered to brush his teeth before bed. He smiled at me and drifted off to sleep. A few moments later he pushed my arm away, rolled over and slept. Mission accomplished.

Red - not sure what time he got up today. He is an early riser. His energy and gusto for life just won't let him sleep in. And usually, he's so swept up in that energy that he awakens the rest of the house so that we can all have an adventure today. Most mornings, I drag my sorry butt out of bed to see what he's up to. But sometimes I roll over and go back to sleep. Today, he seemed to sense that I needed to sleep in. He didn't come in till after 8:00! And he kept the other two busy so that I could get some extra rest! I love it when this thoughtful sweet child shows up at my house! I wish he could stay...

Baby Girl - she came into my room with red streaks all over her face and arms. At first I thought it was marker... but it had a very distinct peppermint smell to it. And this is the conversation that followed:
me: What are you eating?
BG: I'm not eating anything.
me: You have red all over your mouth... did you eat something?
BG: No. I did not eat any candy canes. (yes, we still have candy canes... that happens when you buy 200 of them at Christmas time)
me: You need to ask before you eat treats. Don't just take things without asking. Ask me first next time, okay?
BG: OOOOHHHH! (Says this like she's understanding it for the VERY. FIRST. TIME.) I ask you FIRST! I forgot to ask for the candy cane. Sorry Momma
Yeah right. She's not sorry. A little later I was washing her hands and she started to scream and cry saying that I was getting her "owie" wet. A closer look revealed a little bit of candy cane, not an owie. She is a busy little thing. She's getting so big. The things that come out of her mouth just amaze me. Maybe it's because the child just older than her, Little Bug, doesn't speak. Or, maybe she's just an amazing little kid. Not that I'm biased or anything...

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Anonymous said...

hi melissa: baby girl cracked me up how she answered, "no. i did not eat candy canes" when all you asked her was just did she eat something. GUILTY! :)

and i really loved the way you creatively described that moment with little bug. i felt like i was right there :) kathleen