Friday, July 20, 2007

Harry Potter ... again
If you're not into Harry Potter, I'm sorry. I wish I could say that this will be the last post about it, but that would be a lie. I don't want to lull you into a false sense of security. Consider yourself warned.
Have all you Harry Potter-ites heard about the spoilers that are circulating the Internet? Someone has supposedly scanned EVERY PAGE of the book and posted it. I'm curious - do you like spoilers? Or do you avoid them? When you get your book do you read it from the very beginning? Or do you scan through and find out who dies first then read?? I've read some of the spoilers - but they are all different, so they can't all be spoilers, can they?! I like the adventure of it all, but I hate being shocked with the deaths. So, I admit it. I scan. I prepare myself so that when the time comes I'm not too overwhelmed by it. And not just with the Harry Potter books. I do it with almost every book I read. I have a friend that has begged me to read it cover to cover without peeking. I might try it this time, but, um, we'll see.
And, for those of you who voted in the poll, here are the results:

Harry will live/Voldemort will die
6 (42%)
Harry and Voldemort will die
3 (21%)

Not sure who will die but it will have a happy ending
2 (14%)
Not sure who will die but it will be a sad ending
1 (7%)
Who cares about Harry Potter?
2 (14%)

I was going to put Voldemort lives and Harry Potter dies, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. If she ends it like that I will throw away all my books! So, any last minute predictions? Thoughts? I don't want you to post spoilers here... just your own personal thoughts. AND, after you've read the book, if you want to comment about it, please let everyone know that it's about the book. Don't ruin it for others. Just a few thoughts that I had... I think the locket is at Sirius's old house - in one scene they are cleaning out a room and they find a big heavy locket that no one can open... I think it's the horocrux. Which also makes me think that R.A.B. is Sirius's younger brother... it's a thought. I might post something again today (not Harry Potter related) but if I don't, you probably won't see me for a few days! Enjoy your books everyone!!

(p.s. spell check wants me to change all the Voldemort's to Vladamir - somehow I think a Lord Vladamir wouldn't have been as frightening)


Kimberly said...

I never, ever spoil it. Been like that since I was a kid and peeked around looking for my birthday present. Saw it. Was soooo excited, and then found out it was for my cousin.

So yeah...I never peek anymore.

Seeing the movie tonight!

Justine said...

We're going to see the movie tonight, too! And we're watching the UPS tracker bring our book closer and closer to us. It's now at our local sort center, to be "out for delivery" tomorrow!

The fights about who gets it first began weeks ago...

mcewen said...

At least your spell checker still works! I think I've broken mine = consumer misuse.
Cheers and happy reading

kailani said...

Am I the only one who's never read a Harry Potter book?

Jamie J said...

I would be so disappointed if Harry died too. I try not to read ahead, but usually end up doing it. Not the ending but just a few pages if I'm in the middle of something. I just can't take the suspense! I do NOT want to ruin the ending for this one though...

Kelly said...

I scan to the end to see what ends up happening when the anxiety gets so bad that I can't take it anymore. Usually that happens about the middle of the book. AND. I do this with any book that makes me anxious. I don't want to do it with this one though. I am going to one of those midnight parties where you can buy the book at midnight. I can't wait.
So. fun.

SoDak Angel said...

I am shocked! There is no possible way I could flip forward! How outstanding....I have to read from begining to monkey business. I hope I can keep all Harry stuff at bay, until I get to read it. I am excited, but I will not be waiting at the bookstore for 12:01 am to purchase the book.....but....I may get up early, and hit the store in the morning!

Anonymous said...

hi My Lissa! thank you for the email today. had a great friday so far. more smiley than frowny.

but about your post ... how could you?! i am shocked! you peek ahead in your books! oh, the horror. he he. guess what i do? i never peek ahead in any story i am reading. and i don't want to know spoilers about movies either. you're so cute how you just can't wait and you have to peek :)

hey, i got ya something today. i am sticking it in the mailbox tonight. be on the lookout for a tan package -- it is a hope your back gets better quickly care-package. hope you enjoy! and it is in honor of harry potter for you. hug ya, kathleen :)

wynne said...

Yes, kailani. You are the only one. How do you live out there by yourself in a Potter-less world?

And, no, I don't skip forward. I know I'll get to the end soon, and have no impulse to rush an experience that is always over far before I'm ready for it to. Wow, that sentence wasn't confusing.

julie said...

I have my book 7.Got it this morning. Can't wait to start!

have a great weekend reading! :)

Jamie J said...

Hey Melissa, thanks for the offer of the book before, but I broke down and bought it today! I was in Target and they were staring me in the face and I knew I wouldn't be able to walk out of there with out one. So I started reading it already. Hope you enjoy yours!!

Anonymous said...

hey melissa: we went and saw the harry potter movie in the theatre today. i bet you already saw it, eh? hope your day is groovy, chow, kathleen :)

Ginny said...

This is a bit old now since the book is out but I had to comment. Normally for books I don't like spoilers. For book 7 though, I actually went looking. I didn't want to know everything, but I had to know if Harry Potter was going to die. If he was, I didn't think I could read the book. I would have just set it with my others & let it be. So, I did look & what I read said he wouldn't die, so I'm going to read it. I haven't yet because I want to sit & enjoy it & this week hasn't let me yet :) One thing I did do was I read the last line. That was so dumb of me & I am really mad at myself. There was such a big issue over the last word changing from scar. I flipped to see how many pages & then peaked at the last word. I wasn't expecting it to give so much away, LOL.