Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Have You Ever...
Every now and again I wonder - am I the only one who feels this way? Or thinks this way? Or experiences these situations? And so, in this quizzical state, I turn to you. I ask a bunch of "have you ever" questions hoping that somehow, you will alleviate my fears of being a complete weirdo!
Have you ever....
.... been completely exhausted, but couldn't sleep? Your eyes close, your body rests, but your brain zips through the night like a hummingbird searching for food... is it just me?
.... bought yourself a gift? Like, um... say, a boogie board? And been so excited about it, you could hardly stand yourself?
.... opened your windows and smelled something so delicious, so intoxicating, that you decide to go for a walk and smell all the neighbors flowers until you figure it out? (I think it's Jasmine... but, it might be the orange tree blossoms....whatever it is, it is from heaven itself!)
.... wanted to turn your air conditioner on in March?? (it was 80 degrees in our house last night... which is what we usually keep it at in the summer, but we aren't used to it right now!)
.... laughed so hard at a comment left on your blog that you thought you'd wet your pants?
.... got a book for your kid as a gift, and tried to decide if you would read it before you gave it to him or not?
.... begged and pleaded for family to come and visit, and then when they said "yes" you couldn't wipe the stupid grin off your face because of how happy this made you? (4 weeks and counting!!)
.... played Scrabulous with Holly on Facebook? It's a lot of fun... she beats me pretty good most of the time, but every now and again, I eek out a win! Want to challenge me? Anyone who has Facebook is more than welcome to add me as a friend...
.... had a HUGE day of housework ahead of you, and so you look for things to keep you from it? Like writing blog posts??
Sigh... off I go! Laundry, dishes and dust bunnies are calling my name...
Oh, and just to clarify a few things... my friend that I forgot about, she immediately forgave me. I'm thinking of asking her to be my Vice President.
And to those of you who asked about moving the furniture... well, that would require effort. I'm inherently lazy... making a new blog look requires me to sit on my butt and click buttons. Moving furniture requires me to push, shove, and in general, do work. So, to answer your questions, no, I don't move my furniture around very often... actually, it's been in the same place for over a year now... maybe I should move it... later... ;)


Bonnie said...

Many of those things I have done. The ones I haven't I want to. Especially the boogie board (maybe something similar since I don't do swimming suits)
The yummy smell walk would be fun.
Sigh, I to need to get to the cleaning.

Lauren said...

I pretty much do all of those things, except sniffing around for sweet smells. I have a pretty good nose and can pin point any smell. Crazy huh? My favorite nature smells are orange blossoms and creosote (more commonly called "the smell of rain" in Arizona).

I have Facebook! I will try to find you.

sariqd said...

Yes, yes, and yes to pretty much all of your questions! lol! Isn't it great that you're not the only one? :)

Yvonne said...

I am on facebook, too, but hey, I'm no fool. My scrabble is limited to 3 letter words--and then only when I'm lucky ; )

I totally understand the housework vs. blogging!!!

Kimberly said...

Oooo...I love Scrabble! Used to be addicted once upon a time. I'll so play you!

Jamie J said...

Yes, yes, and no but I LOVE spring smells in California! I have a Facebook. I'll look you up! I love Scrabble!

diana said...

~are you saying you bought yourself a boogie board? you go girl.
~i am off to challenge you to a game of scrabulous. i usually have 10 games going at one time :]
~love the new look.

Holly Homemaker said...

Yes to lots of those. Especially reading books before giving them away. Terrible, isn't it?

Jill said...

No, I never avoid housework by blogging.
I never lie either;0)

Magirk said...

Exhausted but couldn't sleep... YES. At least 2 times a week, many times more often than that.

Bought myself a gift... YES. Several times, in fact.

Smelled wonderful things, Yes. Gone walking to find out what it is, No. Does chasing down a child to discover a nasty smell count...? :S

I have on occasion turned on the air conditioner during Winter months, yes.

Generally, every time you comment, I have to go to the bathroom. ;D

I don't ever beg my family. If you knew my family, you'd understand.

The only people I play games like Scrabble with are the ones I'm guaranteed to beat (Hubby, in-laws, etc.).

Blogged to avoid housework...... ALL THE FREAKIN' TIME!!

Heather said...

I lay down every afternoon cuz I'm about to fall over.... and NOTHING. It stinks.

Tharker said...

I'm glad you and your husband enjoyed the comment. If I say so myself, it WAS pretty dang funny! Sometimes I shock myself when something funny comes out, cuz it just doesn't happen very often ;)

I can answer yes to many of these. Especially the putting off housework part...I'm so glad that I'm not the only one. I don't know if my husband is though ;)

Holly said...

Come on, I don't win that many!

And, yes, I avoid housework all the time. It's one of the drawbacks to playing Scrabulous. And remember, if people challenge you to a game, two games at the same time is much more fun! Right? ;)

Tonya said...

Yes, I have done many of those things especially the sleep one that just happened to me yesterday. It was awful.

I once sniffed around for a good half hour looking for a Daphne plant becuase it smelled so yummy.

I would totally vote for you and your friend.

Nancy Face said...

Oooh, I LOVE buying presents for me! ;)

I love it when our orange trees bloom...any day now! :)

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Here I am shamefully avoiding EVERYTHING by blogging.