Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Southern California Experience
Again, I'm sorry that I haven't visited any one's blogs! My Google Reader informs me that there are almost 150 wonderful posts that I have missed this week... I will play catch up after Tuesday... please don't give up on me yet!
We went to the beach today with the in-laws. They loved the drive over. Everything was so green and pretty... nothing like the frozen wonderland of Idaho where they came from. It was -14 when they left the cold and ice. When they arrived here it was a balmy 65. Not too shabby, eh?
We were a little worried that our beach experience would get rained out, but it wasn't. The sky was partly cloudy, but it was warm enough that we did not need jackets.
We walked out on the pier and watched the sea gulls, ducks and pelicans dive in and out of the water for food. The ocean was a sapphire blue - so pretty! We were at the end of the pier when Red called out for us to look at something he had seen. Now, this kid has some pretty darn amazing eyes. His eyes seem to catch every little movement - especially wildlife. So, I wasn't too surprised that he was the first one on the pier to notice these lovelies... A pod of dolphins swam past the end of the pier! It was such a fun thing to watch them swim about.Now, I know that some of you are looking at that and thinking, "Why, I do believe that picture looks like a blog banner! Melissa, will you be turning that into a blog banner any time soon?" And the answer... "Why yes! Yes I think I will! How did you know that? Oh.... because I turn EVERYTHING into a blog banner..." I'll probably work on it next week. We'll see how it goes.
So, what amazing fun things did you do this weekend?


Holly said...

It's 36 degrees tonight. That's downright balmy compared to the rest of the week we've had (it was 7 degrees one morning). We're supposed to get more snow tomorrow. And you're showing me pictures of the beach? Can you say homesick for the ocean right now?!

Yvonne said...

Oh, i love the beach. Everywhere I look there is nothing but snow. A walk in the sand sounds so wonderful.

How fun to see the dolphins. Yes, it would make a great banner. Can hardly wait to see it. said...

silly girl. hi melissa. you made me chuckle about the making everything into a banner :)

i love google reader, too. i just set it up yesterday. way better than the way i was reading blogs before -- random as i remembered to.

chow, kathleen :)

Magirk said...

Love the pictures! And I, too, am jealous and wishing for warm weather.

As for our 'amazing' weekend, it was amazingly.... uneventful.

Princess had gymnastics class, we had stake conference, now we're all napping. All but me, that is. :)

(I guess I'm not helping your blog-reading efforts by posting everyday, keeping your Google Reader busy... OH WELL! At least I'm only posting ONCE a day, eh? LOL. Have fun reading!) :)

JustRandi said...

Wow! So fun to see actual dolphins. We don't see many of those in Colorado.

wynne said...

But I like the daisies!!

(I miss the beach.)

diana said...

how cool. when i lived in so. cal., i used to love january because of the whales that migrated to warmer waters. i'd go to the beach or up in the hills of palos verdes and sit and watch. i may have the rocky mountains here, but i sure do miss the beach and the ocean.