Sunday, November 12, 2006

Weather Blues
You'd think that moving to California would cure anyone's winter weather blues. But, I've decided that I must have the opposite problem from those that suffer from depression caused by lack of sun. I live in Southern California - the area where I'm at gets sunshine almost every day of the year. Most people would be in heaven... not me. I wake up each morning and wish for a cloudy sky or a little rain. I love the smell of rain. And that chill in the air is a wonderful feeling to me. It is strange to me to live in a place where there are no seasons. All the people around me say that fall is almost over... but I don't remember seeing any leaves change. No crisp autumn air. No fall harvest. It's still in the mid to upper 80's here. That's called "summer" where I'm from. And winter gets down into the 70's here. That's still called "summer". Maybe I'm crazy, but I am looking forward to my trip home. There is snow on the ground, the high for the day was 40, and when they say "winter" they mean it!

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RaNae said...

I know this is late but I can soo relate although living in OK for 20 years and now Texas for 15 months it isn't the same as a California endless summer and we do get seasons but for years I would compare the current year to back home and would be totally bummed- the colors aren't as vibrant, the snow isn't as high, it isn't cold enough...etc etc etc finally this year I realized I'm just making myself miserable doing that LOL acceptance is key for me now and lots of trips home ;-)
I hope you get lots of trips home!!