Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Plan
I try to have a plan for each day. I want to get up, do some email, get a few things done online and then tackle a project around the house. The problem is, I have children. Kids don't believe in plans. They believe in running wild and doing the first thing that pops into their head. Spontaneous action fills their lives. I remember a time when I was more spontaneous. I loved to get and idea and just do it. No planning, not figuring out schedules, no making lists. I would just get up and go. At times, it was a bit chaotic, but always fun. But now, I wonder, is loosing your spontaneity a sign of aging? Do we need more stability? Do our plans make us feel more in control, when in reality, we are at the mercy of the universe? Can that get up and go feeling ever be restored? Maybe I will try to do something spontaneous tomorrow (I have a sick little one today)... hmm... first I'll need to make a list...


shirlee said...

I love to make lists. I think that by crossing off something from my list I feel as though I've accompished something. Although looking at all the "to-do's" can be intimidating.
I also have an autistic son. He's 14 and I homeschool.
Have a great day
Shirlee (via Kristi's site)

Melissa said...

Shirlee - I didn't realize that you had an autistic son. I think it's wonderful that you are home schooling. We talked about that at one time, but Jake has a lot of sensory issues and I'm not sure that I could give him all the help and care he needs. Thanks for visiting my blog :)