Tuesday, November 28, 2006

O Christmas Tree
I love to decorate the Christmas tree. And usually, I have a theme that I stick to. The kids and my dh love to have the totally random look for the tree. The ornaments that don't match. The pieces of paper that were glued together and then glitter thrown on them so that they look like... well, I'm not sure what they are supposed to be. But the kids made them at school and they want them on the tree. It's not that I don't love their creativity, but I like the look of a well put together tree. But, this year, I'm giving in. I usually use white lights on the tree for that more uniformed look. We have got the colored lights up. I took some of my matching ornaments from last year and put them in baskets around the house. This year, the tree is gonna be about glitter, and paper, and having that wonderful homemade look to it. And you know, there will be PLENTY of years for my precious tree to look just the way I want. But it won't be too many more years before the kids will be too busy to help decorate and they won't care how the tree looks. So, I'm putting down my icicle sword used to protect that perfect tree, and I'm gonna relax and enjoy my kids while they enjoy our tree.


ranaeluvsewes said...

Oh Melissa this one made me cry... soo sweet and soo true.

Melissa said...

RaNae - I'm so glad you read my blog! lol I enjoy reading your comments! I hope you don't mind that I linked your blog here... I noticed that you had mine linked on yours! Thanks!!! I think you are the only one who reads it :) It's kinda fun - and sorry I made you cry... I promise, it wasn't my intent! I hope it was a good cry, if you know what I mean! Have a wonderful day!