Monday, November 27, 2006

The Day After
Shopping on the day after Thanksgiving has always been a tradition. I'm not the cut throat kind of gal who will kill for that last Barbie, but I do like to get a good deal! But, this last weekend, I found out what it's like to have the one item that everyone wants. And I'm not sure I liked it. My Dad wants a GPS for Christmas. So, my mom, myself, and all my siblings went in together to get him one. Mom and I got up early and went to Sportsman Warehouse to pick up a GPS that was on a wonderful sale! It didn't open till 8 a.m. and apparently everyone decided to go there last. When we got there at 7:30, we were the first in line. A few minutes later there were 100+ people in line. I could hear people talking in line "I HAVE to get that GPS"... "I'm gonna be TICKED if I don't get one" (these comments may be edited for content :)) When the doors opened I ran in. I have no idea where my Mom went. I ran up to the guy and told him what I wanted. He reached down and grabbed one. While he was getting the right one a girl ran up, shouldered her way in front of me and said, "Hey - help me now! I need the GPS thing!" But the guy handed the first one to me. As he was handing it out, some guy next to me reached for it! Then the employee realized that he hadn't taken a tag off of it, so asked for it back. As I was handing it back, someone else said "I'll take it!" and tried to grab it. I reached out and took it back as soon as I could! Then I made my way out of the crowd as everyone watched me so closely that I felt a tad afraid... hearing comments like "Look - she got one!" didn't really help my unease. I found my mom and we ran to the front. There were only about 10-15 GPS units back there and I had one. I was not going to be the lead story for the 5 o'clock news! We paid for it and got out of there quick! I know that I wasn't in any danger, but it was still a little frightening to be in that situation... of course, this won't stop me. I will be out again next year! Watch for me, I'll be the girl with the GPS running for cover!


ranaeluvsewes said...

Hi Melissa gosh I was so enthralled by this tale and feeling scared for you but at the end you had me laughing thanks for the snicker... see you next year and u can bet I'll recognize ya.

Melissa said...

RaNae - I was seriously frightened while I was in the moment. It was crazy... but now I can laugh about it! It always amazes me the things that people will do to get a deal!