Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Children's Museum
I am taking my kids to the local Children's Museum. I don't know why, but I always think of an old Twilight Zone episode when I hear "Children's Museum". It was a story about a young boy who got an invitation to go to a zoo or museum type of a thing. His parent's were pretty ornery to him, but he talked them into going. When they got there the parents went to the left and the boy went to the right. The parents were then put into a cage. The boy was then allowed to walk down a long row of cages with different parents in them and pick out new parents! I wonder what my kids would do? Do they feel that they would like to trade me in for a different mom? Are my DH and I too hard on the kids? Will they look back on their childhood as a happy thing? I hope that I'm doing okay. I'm sure there are times they would like to send me packing. Of course, there are times when I wonder, "What was I thinking having kids???" But, I think, in the end, all of us are fairly happy. I love my kids and try to do what is best for them. And hopefully, that will be enough.


ranaeluvsewes said...

Is this Melissa from KDC on Msn?

I jumped to here from Daisy Cottage or The Cottage Nest. I am enjoying your posts.

Melissa said...

Hi RaNae - this is Melissa from Kristi's :) It feels funny to say that because I have a sister named Kristy... lol... glad you are enjoying the blog! It's just a place for me to vent or write thoughts... :)