Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Addiction
I think I may have an addiction. It started out as something so simple, so small. Now, I think I just may be out of control. They're out there... every holiday they show up and I devour them at every chance. Marshmallow Peeps! They make ghost and pumpkin ones for Halloween. Christmas trees and snowmen for the winter holidays. Hearts for Valentines day. And then the original for Easter, the chicks and bunnies. I ate a box of snowmen for breakfast the other day. When I was done, I wanted more! I steal the chicks and bunnies from my children's baskets at Easter time. I wish there were more holidays where we celebrated with candy! Wouldn't a flag shaped peep be cute? And delicious? I forgot to get some today. I had too many other things on my mind. And now, I'm in withdrawal. I need more peeps! It's a good thing that WalMart is open 24 hours a day. I may have to make a midnight run to appease the monster within.


ranaeluvsewes said...

Mel that is too funny u don't mind me calling you Mel do you? Anyways I have been eyeing peeps for about 5 weeks now ever since I was in Michaels craft store and the lady in front of me had a package of peeps at the checkout -- I frantically scanned all visible areas from where I was standing to quickly grab some for myself but I coudn't find a single peep for moi... now I'm jut gonna let my sleeping monster lay dormant and live vicariously through you.
Happy Weekend

Melissa said...

RaNae -
You may call me Mel! lol :) I'm glad that I am not the only one who has a peeps problem ;) They are so tasty... I'm making myself hungry just thinking about it... I don't know if I can be as good as you and not go get some! :)