Monday, May 14, 2007

Wynne over at Muskadillo Dreaming was kind enough to send me some interview questions! :) I had fun answering them - thanks!!
If anyone wants me to interview them, just leave your email in the comments section and I'll send you a few questions in the next few days! :)

1. What is your middle name?
Jo - which led to a lot of nicknames in high school and college... Missy Jo, Joey, M.J. and Moose - okay, so the last one doesn't have anything to do with my middle name, but it was one of my nicknames :)

2. What is the worst purchase you ever made?
All time worst... there was this gel that you could order off the T.V. and I can't think of the name... anyway, it was kind of like a wax stuff. You spread it on your legs, put the fabric on and then it was supposed to RIP the hair off. It actually ripped some of my SKIN off, but no hair! After I got the bleeding stopped (yes, I really bled) I sent the stuff back... minus shipping and handling, of course :S

3. Ten Nerf-bat-wielding monkeys surround you, accusing you of something horrid in Monkese (at least, you assume so, because you don't speak Monkese--maybe they're just wishing you Happy Birthday?). What do you do?
First, I only have 3 Nerf-bat wielding monkeys at my house. Although, it sometimes feels like 10. Maybe the neighbor monkeys are over? Well, first, I would threaten them, using Pig Latin - it's as close as I can get to Monkese "Oday ouyay eelfay uckylay unkspay?? Ogay aheadway, akemay ymay ayday!" Then, if they refuse to back down, I'll use a form Blitzkrieg (lightening war). It is the only real way to defend oneself against Nerf-bat wielding monkeys. Unfortunately, this isn't very common knowledge, so, spread the word people! You gotta strike where it hurts the most - usually in the form of "No PlayStation/videos/favorite toy for a week"... the monkeys usually back down after that. If they throw down the gauntlet again, well, then it's time for the Super Soaker 10 Billion. There's not a Nerf bat in the world that can withstand the crushing water from a SS10B. After a good thrashing, they usually scatter, tails between their legs. As for the neighbor monkeys, I send them home and let their parents figure out how to deal with them!

4. *college flashback* What's your major?
When I was actually in college it was Natural Science. If I could go back now, well, it would probably be more along the lines of interior design.

5. What is your biggest blessing?
Wow - hmm... I'm gonna have to say my Hubby. He is so supportive and understanding in all of my stupid mistakes. Let's take Saturday for example... we were supposed to head to Sea World (we have season passes) and we got to a town called Temecula, which is over half way there, when I realized that I had left the passes on the computer desk. IDIOT! I'm bawling my eyes out, Red is bawling his eyes out, Little Bug is starting to get upset (he doesn't like it when others cry) and Baby Girl is laughing. Such a sweetie. Anyway, Hubby grabs my hand, smiles, tells me it's okay. Reassures me over and over that I am not the imbecile I think I am. Then, instead of turning around and heading home, he takes me to my favorite restaurant in the world! Then he lets me go shopping at JoAnn Fabric and then we got a few groceries at WinCo. Never once did he get upset or mad. Just smiled, hugged me, held my hand and let me know that it was okay. If that isn't a blessing, I don't know what is!!


wynne said...

HEY! I bought that same crap, too! Was it green, or is my memory on the fritz? ...N...starts with an N... Nad's!! (Horrible name, too.)

Melissa said...

Yes!! I think that was the name - horrid stuff, eh? And the name is even worse... LOL I think it was a green color... makes my legs ACHE just thinking about it!!!

kailani said...

Ever seen that Friends episode where Monica and Phoebe wax their legs? Your story reminds me of that! LOL!

Jamie J said...

My roommates bought Nads one time. Ugh!! What wretched stuff!

Anonymous said...

hi melissa jo: fun post. i liked your nerf monkeys, too. thought that was so sweet what you said about your husband. good guy. happy for you :) kathleen

eve said...

AWWWW! So sweet hubby? That warms my heart! Love your answer to the Monkey question.

Melissa said...

Kailani - I missed that one... I can just imagine what it was like though LOL

Jamie - I'm glad I wasn't the only one to fall for the promises of "easy and painless" hair removal

Kathleen and Eve - my hubby is a good guy! I am a pretty lucky gal! As for the Nerf monkeys, they are a real problem here in Southern California. Exterminators can't touch them. They're just too strong. :D

Jessica said...

I loved this post, very funny about the monkey's!! Isn't it nice to have your other half be absoultly amazing? I don't know what I would do with out mine!