Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Aeroplane Adventures
I'm going to break my trip into several different sections because if I wrote it all in one shot, you'd be bored. And I don't want you to be bored! I want you to be entertained! You are entertained, aren't you? Wait - don't answer that. It just occurred to me that I might not want to know.... ANYWAY... I flew out on Thursday and got to Seattle without any problems. I'm thinking to myself, "I will never drive anywhere again!" Flying is totally the way to go! And the Seattle airport rocks! It's more like a mall than an airport. I ate at Wendy's, did a little window shopping (had to save money for the REAL shopping in Portland) and then hopped on my next flight. It was a teeny tiny plane. I think there were 22 passengers on board. It was like a 40 minute roller coaster ride. The weather was not cooperating and the small plane got tossed around by the wind. I was able to maintain my dignity and not puke everywhere. The only good thing about the flight was our flight attendant. She was smiling and sweet and tried to put us all at ease. She was AWESOME! And I was hoping that she would be on the flight back. She wasn't, but the flight back to Seattle was TONS smoother. I was even able to read a little bit. I had a 3 hour lay over in Seattle on the way home. I ate at Chili's (I'm tellin ya folks, the Seattle airport is the place to BE!) and then settled in with my book. There was a delay in the flight... something about scratches on the right wing and a discrepancy in the log book. If there is something wrong with the plane - TAKE YOUR TIME! I would rather be late getting home than crash and become trapped on some island where the Others are trying to kidnap me and drag me into the jungle to be attacked by the black smoke monster*. ANYWAY, the flight home was very entertaining because of a young man seated behind me. You see, he took FULL advantage of the beverage cart. He started off with 3 vodkas followed by at least one gin and tonic. Meaning he was a tad liquored up by the end of this flight. He's humming and singing along with the music from his dandy little iPod. Which, I have to admit, was more entertaining than my book at the time. He started to quiet down, but the music did not. Apparently drinking impairs this kid's sense of hearing because he kept turning the volume up. So, by the end of our journey I could hear the words to every song blasting from his iPod. It was so loud, that he didn't hear them telling the passengers to turn all electronic devices off. He's jamming along as we land. He finally turns the blaring music off, turns to the guy sitting next to him and yells, "SIR! HOW ARE YOU THIS FINE DAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY?" The gentleman replies that he is well and then turns away. The drunk is not deterred. "WHERE ARE YOOOOOOUUUUUU FROM?" The man gives the name of his town and then politely asks where our inebriated friend is from. "I'M FROM..... UM.... I'M FROM PALM... SOMETHING.... PALM SPRINGS? NO... PALM DESERT... NO...IT'S A PALM THING... SO... YOU KNOW..." At this point he starts to laugh in a maniacal way and I am praying that this guy has a ride home. I escape the plane as he starts to sing and someone informs the flight attendant that there is an intoxicated passenger that might be a bit of a problem. Just by the look on her face, I knew that she knew exactly who the wasted man was. The best part though was seeing my kids. Baby Girl was standing in a window and I could hear her yell through the glass "IT'S MOMMA!!! LOOOOOOOOK!!! SHE'S HERE!!!" The squishes and squeezes were wonderful and I am glad to be home! Next time I will tell you about the wonderful shopping and the post after that will be about the things I learned at the Time Out! :)

*If you've not ever watched the T.V. drama "Lost" then just know that I was referencing the craziness that happens there :)


eve said...

I'm glad you're back, the blogosphere was eerily quiet sometimes and I thought "it's because Melissa's gone."
Can't wait to hear more about your trip.

Heather said...

I've never been on a flight with an intoxicated passenger. Lucky you!

Yeah, I'm with you on smoke monster- what is that all about??

mcewen said...

Oh brilliant! Hope our trip goes as well!

Anonymous said...

hey melissa: i was ENTERTAINED reading about your fun adventure. cute! i'm glad you're back and not stuck on some island in the middle of nowhere because your airplane had difficulties :) kathleen

Amber said...

Oh so fun! And I loved your little girls' reaction to seeing you. Kinda tugs at the heartstrings...

Melissa said...

Eve - Thanks! I so enjoyed catching up on your blog yesterday!

Heather - it was fun to be by the drunk guy, till I started wondering if he was getting behind the wheel :S
As for the smoke monster - I have no idea. And now we have to wonder about this weird Jacob thing - that was creepy!!

mcewen - I'm still playing catch up on the blogs... where are you headed??

kathleen - thanks! I am glad you were entertained. And I'm thankful to not be stranded on an island somewhere too! :)

Amber - it was fun to have that kind of warm greeting from the kids! I didn't think it would happen, but I missed them! ;)

Jamie J said...

That's hilarious about the drunk guy. Usually I'm pretty annoyed by that kind of behavior but that sounds pretty funny!