Sunday, May 27, 2007

Feeling Crafty
Do you ever get the urge to create something? I do. But usually it doesn't turn out really well. I love crafts, I'm just not always very good at them. I admit, there are some things that I can do quite well. I'm fairly good at piecing quilts and I feel like I have a knack for pulling colors together. But, I think I may have found another thing that I just might be good at - making jewelry. I have done a little bit in the past with elastic and just stringing on the beads at random. It always turned out nice, but I wanted to try something different. So, I went to Michael's craft store and got a few beads. That night, after all the helpful little fingers were in bed, I went to work. I tried a few different things, but then I felt like I really got it right with this: It's nothing fancy. It won't win awards or sell for a million bucks. But I like it. I like the way it turned out. I love the colors together.

So, tell me, what creative thing(s) do you like to do?


Tracey said...

Very pretty. And even prettier if you'll wear it and love it!

Creativity? Um.... I am hoping to delve back into gardening more, decorate the house (with WHAT money, I'm not sure of yet...) and scrapbook for my kids.

kailani said...

That is very pretty. It totally looks like something you could buy in a store.

The only crafty thing I do is sewing and machine embroidery. Keeps me busy!

Justine said...

Very nice! I can sew, but that's about it!

Anonymous said...

hi melissa: that looks sooo good; you did awesome. i am a cross-stitch freak you know. i love making stuff.

really cool what you made (and i smiled when you said you waited until the helpful hands all went to bed before you started).

nighty-night :) kathleen