Thursday, May 10, 2007

Melting Point
So, what does it take for you to loose your cool? At what point does your temper boil over? I pin pointed my exact boiling point today - 90 degrees. When the inside temperature of my home reaches 90 degrees, I am certifiably insane. I loose my cool (pun intended) at every turn. The air conditioner is still not fixed. They said it would be this morning, but the compressor is completely fried. So, they have to get a new one. They are saying tomorrow morning, but, if the old compressor still has a warranty on it, we will have to wait till they get all the information on that. Luckily for us the temperatures are supposed to drop. All the way down into the upper 90's. There is a distinct possibility that I will write my next post from an asylum. And you know what? I'm okay with that. Just look for me - I'll be the one in the pretty white jacket sitting in front of the A/C unit with a smile on my face.


Heather said...

Hilarious! Our A/C went out and it was a long week, but temps were not in the 90's. Good luck! Maybe the assylum will have a mesh straight jacket, ya know, more breathable?

Anonymous said...

hi melissa: i would visit you in the white-jacket hospital and bring you chocolate even if they said you couldn't have any!

take care, happy weekend, kathleen :)

Melissa said...

Heather - mesh sounds great... I'll have to look into that!

Kathleen - you are a saint! Chocolate would be wonderful :)

Anonymous said...

hi melissa: that was so nice how you wrote " ... kathleen is awesome ..." on wynne's post "for kathleen" about me. you made me smile. you are awesome.

hey, anytime you want me to send you good mail chocolate, just email (in my profile) me your mailing address. i don't have to wait until you are in the white-suit hospital to mail it to ya. he he.

~happy mother's day to ya girl! kathleen :)