Monday, May 28, 2007

Red Light, Green Light
So, tonight we had our family night. We sang a song, and I mean "we" as in Hubby and I, the kids just weren't into it tonight. We had a lesson, which was pretty much completely ignored by everyone. We had treats, which were enjoyed by all. And there was the game. Hubby suggested that we play "Red Light, Green Light". Do you remember this game? One person stands at one end of the room and is the "light". Everyone else stands at the other end of the room. When the "light" is facing you, it's red, you can't move. When the "light" has it's back to you, then it's green and you try to get close enough to touch the person who is the "light". Whoever touches that person first, gets to be the next light. We got Little Bug in on the action. I figured he would let us drag him around for a little while and then he'd get bored and wander off. But no! I was so amazed! Hubby went through all the motions of each position with him a few times. They got to be the "light" and Bug just LOVED it! He giggled and squealed. So, we decided to try and let him do it on his own. It was FANTASTIC! He looked at us and said "red light" and then turned around, giggled and yelled "GREEN LIGHT" and would laugh and laugh! Whenever one of us got close enough to touch him, we would give him a little tickle - one of his favorite things. Even after we were done, he would run to the spot where we had been playing and say "Red light, green light, red light, green light..." and he would laugh and spin around! I live for moments like these :)


Anonymous said...

ah melissa, what an awesome beautiful moment with little bug. brought happy tears to my eyes. just awesome.

and, yes, we're back from our weekend motorhome camping trip. we had a good break away from everything. i liked seeing your email when i got back tonight :)

~blessings tonight girl, kathleen :)

Puerto Rican Princess said...

What a great story! They always have a way os surprising you, don't they??

I've been out of the loop for awhile with the move and all but I've been reading your last few posts and just wanted to say....

"Hang in there! You're doing great!"

Happy Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

That's our Little Bug!!!! Always full of surprises!! :o) Give him a hug for me! Or a good tickle! :o)