Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mommy Sympathy Hits All Time Low
I'm so done with these kidlets and their splendiferous tantrums. I have never had so much screaming, crying, and throwing of the body in one day. Baby Girl really has grand technique in this area. First, she tries to make you feel guilty. "I can't go to time out- I'm hungry". And she says it in such a way that you really feel that she just might starve if you don't get her some nutrition. right. now! Then she refuses to go to time out. When I persist, she cries. But not the all out wailing (which is what she is doing right now) no, this is another guilt tactic. She looks pitiful and sobs like her heart will break. After a second she starts to yell at me. "Mommy! MOMMY!! M-O-M!!!" and then the flailing of the body, the uncontrollable screaming and the wishing that I was far far away while she goes berserk. Now, the rule in our house is that you can't get out of time out till you've calmed down. If I let her get down before she's done screeching, then she just comes and wails at my feet instead of in her room. This is something I truly cannot handle. My brain just shuts down. And she's not my only tantrumer today. Little Bug took the last few bites of my Mothers Day brownie, crumbled it all over the floor, and then squished it into the carpet. When I sent him to his room he screamed and yelled and made quite a ruckus. Then Red wanted to play PlayStation. I told him to wait and he stomped off muttering that he NEVER gets to do what HE wants to do! EVER! I think I'll throw a tantrum. Like this lady:

Do you think it would work?


Jessica said...

HAHAHA! This is so funny, I have totally done this to my kids, not in a store, only in the privacy of our home, but it is pretty funny to watch their reaction. I think you should have a go at it sometime!! ;)

I just love it when my kids say they "NEVER" or I "ALWAYS", makes you feel so loved and appreciated!

Melissa said...

So true! I think that it's their battle cry... "NEVER! EVER! HURRAH!!!" and then they throw on the guilt!