Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Thrift Shopping
I finally got to go out thrift shopping today!! SO MUCH FUN!! I found a place called "Angel Mart" or something like that. Everything was so inexpensive and they had tons of it! The books were .99 each except for one that was 4.99 because it's from the 20's... the serving tray will the rose petals and wheat and other items in it was 3.99... the old unique teapot was 3.99... the two taller jugs with the birds on them were 2.99.... the little small woven tray was .99... the cast iron corn holder thing (lol) was 4.99 (it is super heavy!!) and the basket in the back was 3.00 at another little place I went to! It was so much fun! I really enjoyed myself. Now, I just need to put everything in a place... so much to do... so little time!


Shirlee said...

Melissa, you scored some of the most interesting items I've ever seen. I think a genie may be lurking in the teapot. It's got that look to it. I love the books, the colours and patina are wonderful. The wooden tray and twiggy thingy are quite unique. I've found that the little independent thrift shops usually have better prices.

Melissa said...

Shirlee - I love items that are a little different! :) It means that my home will be 100% different from any other home! Hey, I've been wondering if you would mind if I linked your blog to mine??

RaNae said...