Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Bribe
The problem with visitors is that they eventually have to leave. This is a picture of my parents. They came and stayed with us for about a week and a half and we had a wonderful time. But, they flew home yesterday and now I'm sitting here stuffing my face with Hershey's Kisses (Almond, of course) and thinking of all the things we should have done. We did do some great things. We visited these huge dinosaurs and froze our tails off! We went to Sea World and a local zoo called the Living Desert. We went and had lunch with little bug at school one day. Got lots of shopping done! But it's so hard to see them leave. I think it's even harder now because the kids get so upset. Well, most of them. My oldest (Red) was SOBBING so hard I thought he was going to make himself sick. Little bug was yelling and did NOT want to leave the airport. Baby girl looked up at all of us and said "What happened? Are you okay?" She's not quite got into the spirit of good-byes yet :) Luckily, I had a plan... we got back to the car, dragging our bawling kids behind us. Got everyone in and buckled in their seats when I pulled out the magic... well, okay, technically, it was more like a bribe. I had bought each of them a new toy. Red got a new Bionicle, Little Bug got some Thomas the Train toys, Baby Girl got a new Littlest Pet Shop pet. It was like a magic button. The children settled in and were quite content with their new toys. I had only forgotten one thing. I did not buy myself a bribe. Maybe next time I will remember, but I'm not sure it will help. Maybe if it was something really big... like a new car... lol I know that won't happen. So, I suppose I will just have to be sad for awhile and then look forward to the next visit.


RaNae said...

U r so blessed to still have both your parents and to have a great relationship with them- they are adorable by the way and look like alot of fun and your backyard is gorgeous.

Shirlee said...

What a great picture of your Mom and Dad. They look like they're enjoying their visit.
I remember the first time I saw a palm tree. It was at the airport in Tampa and I was in awe. The second thing that struck me was that people had orange and grapefruit trees right in their backyards. Where I grew up no one had a fruit tree unless it was a crabapple tree.

Melissa said...

RaNae - I am very close to both of my parents and I do feel very blessed that they are a part of my life

Shirlee- My mom marveled over the trees down here. She was so excited because DH took them to an orchard and she got to pick an orange right off the tree! I think that was the highlight of her trip!

Lee said...

Cute picture of your parents.
And you can totally use my idea, I don't care!

Melissa said...

Thanks Lee!! :)

Tam said...

Look at that green grass! Sigh.